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  1. Looking for friends and mommy/kiddie playdates
  2. any one iin Mississauga.
  3. Rowntree or Old South mamas?
  4. Play group at my house!
  5. Play date at my home (White Oaks)
  6. Groups? Momstown?
  7. Golf!
  8. Looking for friends/Baby play dates
  9. Moms night out!?!?!?!?!
  10. play date?
  11. East London moms?
  12. Looking for a friend for my son
  13. Northwest London Playdates
  14. Looking for Mom / Baby play groups
  15. same boat
  16. morning playgroup in Byron
  17. Talbot Village Area morning play groups?
  18. White Oaks Play Group weekday mornings?
  19. Looking to make friends
  20. Anyone interested in getting together for a jewelry / accessory exchange at my place?
  21. Playdates / Momdates at the Children's Museum during the weekday?
  22. Lia Sofia get together at my place next week!
  23. Mom and baby circle
  24. Any moms want to get together for a kidless outing, or coffee??
  25. Message Circle MONDAY November 18
  26. Looking for a mama get together.
  27. SAHMs with a 1 year old?
  28. Any LM's interested in getting together this month for an evening out?
  29. Single moms need to stick together!
  30. Looking for mommy/toddler friends near highbury/huron area :)
  31. Activities for 6-12month age group?
  32. Anyone in the Westmount area?
  33. Mommy Groups Invited to attend FREE Music Demo Days!
  34. Message Circle with Medium Sept 9, 2013
  35. Rowntree Park/LHSC/Wortley Area Mommies?
  36. Kilworth/Komoka/Mt Brydges Moms
  37. new mom to London looking to meet other moms in the north area
  38. East London Mom Groups
  39. SAHM
  40. Any summerside moms?
  41. Northpark
  42. Get together/play dates in the south?
  43. Anybody in South East London?
  44. Spin off- starting jk at white oaks public school...
  45. Startng JK at St. Theresa's this Fall?
  46. Old South get together at the Village Pub?
  47. MLHU Just Beginning?
  48. Playgroups
  49. Lia Sophia Party at my place Friday
  50. Byron/Riverbend
  51. Looking for meet ups with other moms
  52. London Caesarean and VBAC Support Group
  53. Playgroup for New Moms?
  54. Get-together Idea
  55. Summerside Church playgroup?
  56. Northeast mom's
  57. Playgroups Southdale/Adelaide area?
  58. New to London New to Canada!
  59. New moms get-together
  60. New meetup group Scrap & Play London (Oakridge)
  61. Moms from Talbot Village? (Southdale and Colonel Talbot Rd)
  62. Old North Moms
  63. Oakridge area get togethers
  64. Little guy with lots of energy...
  65. Looking for playdate for my little guy
  66. SouthEast Playgroup
  67. Get togethers North London or Lucan area
  68. Looking for a playgroup
  69. Children's Museum tonight
  70. Summerside Moms
  71. Get together in Byron
  72. Would like to set up a playdate : Masonville Mall area
  73. Play Date Needed
  74. Spanish-multilanguage
  75. Talbotville Mommy looking for Playdates
  76. Thames Park?
  77. Playdate for older babies - toddler at OEYC Maitland?
  78. Going for a walk and play in the park?
  79. Looking to meet other MOMS
  80. Weight Loss Meetings
  81. London Baby, Bump and Toddler Show Tickets
  82. white oaks area anyone?
  83. Looking to meet moms in Wharncliffe/Riverside Area
  84. Anyone South of St. Thomas? Playdate?
  85. Looking for moms in Lockwood park area!
  86. Play date with my 10 month old?
  87. Lambeth
  88. Anyone free this week?
  89. Chapters at 11am tomorrow
  90. Play group/get together w my 8mo old
  91. Lonely mommies network
  92. Anyone in Strathroy?
  93. Anyone want to get together Saturday?
  94. Do you like to shop??
  95. Centennial Central P. S.
  96. Norwex Party
  97. Anybody up for a playdate at Medway Park?
  98. new moms, bentley and webster area
  99. Looking to create a North London mommy group
  100. Ilderton Stroller Fitness
  101. Woodland Heights P.S. moms...
  102. Anyone interested in seeing Breaking Dawn on thursday night?
  103. French Playgroup?
  104. Lasar Tag for a good cause!
  105. New Mom!
  106. Looking for young cding, bwing & breastfeeding mama's
  107. Moms get together in west mount
  108. Anyone in Sarnia wanna stroller walk?
  109. Winter play dates
  110. New group to expose babies to second/third/fourth languages
  111. Old South get together! ***Wednesday, Nov 30 at 8pm at Village Pub***
  112. Weston/Wellington Area Moms--Babysitting Swap?
  113. Wortley Village Mom
  114. Old South Moms on Mat Leave
  115. Looking for moms who want to get together to run
  116. Toopy and Bino Role Call -
  117. Hoping to meet new moms in the area of Jensen road,and kilally
  118. Writing/Journaling Club
  119. What to do with a toddler on a full weekend rainy day!!!???
  120. Oxford County Area
  121. Looking for mommies in oxford and quebec area
  122. Westmount Stars and Strollers
  123. Fanshawe Park Rd/Adelaide Playgroup - Tues
  124. Looking to start a small new moms social group
  125. Mom and baby activities
  126. Oakridge Area Playdate
  127. Looking for new moms in Old South
  128. Childreach this am (Wed)
  129. Looking for playdate/ hang out
  130. Westmount moms
  131. Glen Carin/Pond Mills am playdate
  132. Boot Camp - Stoneycreek Sunday AM
  133. Looking for Walking Buddy! (Stoney Creek)
  134. Playdate Wed at 11:30
  135. Thamesford/Thorndale/Dorchester Moms
  136. coffee/playdate anyone?
  137. tomorrow for lunch
  138. Anyone up for another Crabby's East App night :)
  139. Stoneybrook Area- looking for company
  140. Anyone want to go mini golfing at Forest Glen tonight?
  141. Work Out Buddy
  142. Jaycee Park
  143. Looking for friends for Mommy and daughters in Pond Mills
  144. anyone wanna do lunch next week?
  145. Sarnia get together
  146. NW London get togethers
  147. Anyone in Old South/Wortley want to get together? *** UPDATE: post #6 ***
  148. White Oaks Get together
  149. blueberry picking
  150. kilally area moms
  151. Childreach on Wednesday???
  152. Does anyone want to go to the Home County Festival tonight?
  153. Looking for Mom/Baby friends in NW to hang out with!
  154. Yoga Shack Gives Back!
  155. Any Ingersoll Area Mom's want to meet up splash pad?
  156. South London Moms
  157. whitehills (NW) get togethers??? DD is 16 months
  158. SupperWorks - June 29th
  159. East London moms to get together?
  160. Wortley Village
  161. looking for mommy friends in SW london
  162. * Hey Ladies!! anyone in the masonville area want to do a playdate? *
  163. Wanted: Mommy/Baby Friends in NW London
  164. Splash pad this afternoon (Tuesday)
  165. Walk today (Mon May 30) at Kiwanis Park
  166. Walks - Byron/Springbank Park
  167. Sunset Gourmet Party June 4, 2011
  168. Walking Partner - White Hills
  169. Storybook Gardens
  170. Working moms
  171. would anyone be interested in a central walking group. meet at vic park?
  172. Mature Moms - Want to Get Together?
  173. ATTN: July/Aug/Sept expecting mamas!!
  174. LF: SAHM's in North London with 3 yr olds
  175. Scentsy Party
  176. Play dates anyone?
  177. Monday Morning Mommies
  178. Enjo Party
  179. Childreach this AM
  180. Basil Grover park
  181. Is there an MNO in April?
  182. Supperworks? *April 13th*
  183. North Westers
  184. Any mamas in North East London on maternity leave?
  185. Any Mommas in St.Thomas area up for a get together?
  186. Discovery Toys Party
  187. Starter Steeped Party for Dashenka
  188. Steeped Open House Saturday at 1:00pm
  189. Official Sign Up - March MNO
  190. Play date? Cherryhill area
  191. Babywearing Meeting?
  192. March Break
  193. ...
  194. Activity Tomorrow for 2 year olds
  195. Gluten free Families/ Mommies
  196. family day meet up
  197. GFMNO (Gluten Free Moms Night Out)
  198. OFFICIAL SIGN-UP - February MNO!
  199. Walking Group
  200. Did I Miss Babywearing Meeting?
  201. Trying to find some LM's for playdates?
  202. French play group
  203. Spring Shindig
  204. Couples Poker Night- date change on OP
  205. Babywearing meeting on Tuesday? (Feb 8th)
  206. Berkshire Goodlife
  207. anyone in the Berkshire area?
  208. Old South LM's
  209. get together at williams..
  210. Excited to meet you all tonight!
  211. Going to Childreach this aft
  212. Is anyone interested in meeting me at Once upon a teacup for lunch tuesday?
  213. Early Years Centre London East
  214. LM EVENTS - Looking for your suggestions....
  215. OFFICAL SIGN UP - January MNO
  216. Babywearing meeting - Tuesday January 11th
  217. Yoga at Westmount Mall on a lunch hour?
  218. Poll for January's MNO
  219. Any Interest in a FNO for January?
  220. Bible Study - Child Friendly
  221. Does anyone want to get together for dinner after Sunday's christmas light tour?
  222. Couples group?
  223. Babywearing Meeting - Dec 14th?
  224. Adventures on Wonderland
  226. Poker Night
  227. Old South Mamas
  228. December MNO Poll
  229. Miche Purse Party
  230. Any interest in December MNO?
  231. rollerskating at North London Optimist Centre
  232. Can You Help TONIGHT!!!
  233. Megamind Tonight!
  234. heading to Beacock this morning
  235. Strathroy moms group
  236. Whitehills toddlers and moms?
  237. November MNO - OFFICAL SIGN UP
  238. Oxford County get-together
  239. Babywearing meeting - Tuesday November 9th
  240. Burlesque Movie...let`s go
  241. St. Thomas Playgroup?
  242. Don't forget (Sarnia/Lambton/Kent moms)
  243. November MNO Poll - LOCATION AND DATE
  244. Sarnia/Lambton/Kent Moms Dinner Out?
  245. santa clause parade
  246. Complimentary Facial = Free Trip to Cancun
  247. Friday November 19, 2010
  248. hey Pagan Parents
  249. Thursday October 28 - a date with sweetsteps
  250. Have to brag