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  1. London-specific real estate activity?
  2. Listing with multiple agencies?
  3. A buried oil tank on the property?
  4. Selling, and building a new home
  5. Considering a move - list mine first?
  6. Approx. how much would you loose?
  7. Houses for sale
  8. Commission
  9. to rent of to buy??
  10. What improvements are important before listing?
  11. Are we doing all we can?
  12. GOOD lawyer and land transfer taxes!
  13. Essential upgrades
  14. Buying a house and using same agent as seller
  15. Viewing a house
  16. Selling a house?
  17. Wanting to go from apartment living to house living
  18. good idea to move to a home with a septic tank and well with little baby??
  19. homes in Lambeth
  20. is it a good time to buy a new home right now?
  21. Foreclosure houses
  22. unsure about moving
  23. Bankruptcy
  24. Average selling time in South London
  25. finished basement - no permit
  26. Best month to sell?
  27. house appraisal
  28. Can you give your house back to the bank.
  29. June 2009 Stats for London
  30. Typical initial offer as % of asking price
  31. Renting and house for sale
  32. May Stats
  33. Upgrading heaters worth it?
  34. 5% down?
  35. Mortgage With Poor Credit?
  36. AS IS listing
  37. Price of land
  38. paying the agent
  39. House Prices
  40. Carpet or Laminate in the basement
  41. Reporting the sale price higher then actual?
  42. results of home inspection
  43. Sell or buy first?
  44. Economy vs home sales?
  45. Liens on a house
  46. location, cost
  47. More on Real Estate and Building Permits
  48. brokers protected?
  49. basement makeover-permits??
  50. How far in advance?
  51. Home inspection
  52. Kathy Mendham-Meathrel - Real Estate Agent