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  1. Ladybug Academy - White Oaks area
  2. Flex Care Availability
  3. Child care for PD Days, March break, and Summer break
  4. My friends Nanny is available for hire in September.
  5. Any demand for home daycares?
  6. Occasional childcare options (is there such a thing?).
  7. Grand Ave Childrens Center - Feedback
  8. Kinderville vs. Western Daycare
  9. Any experiences with Whitehills Daycare at STA?
  10. Children's Place Daycare
  11. Stay at home mom TRying to help out other Moms!!!
  12. Attention Ontario Parents
  13. Almost ready to give up
  14. What do you (HDCP) do when a family "forgets" to pay at the end of the week?
  15. price for child minding?
  16. question re "5" limit policy
  17. best childcare?
  18. Changes to Home Daycares
  19. Insurance
  20. Parent canceling childcare days
  21. How do I handle this?
  22. Childcare - Feeling defeated
  23. Flexible days and home daycares....
  24. So confused
  25. b/a care
  26. How would you bring this up?
  27. Any HDCP in and around the pond ills area have space available?
  28. Quick question for providers
  29. Questions
  30. Child care in North East London
  31. starting my own HDC
  32. Trouble Potty training
  33. Need some insight (sorry might be long)
  34. Childreach has been Spring Cleaning!
  35. Has anyone registered with Wee Watch to start a home daycare?
  36. What would you charge?
  37. where to find childcare for weekends??
  38. needing an in-home babysitter for full days.....where to look??
  39. what would you expect from a babysitter who watches your kids from 8-5?
  40. Must Haves
  41. Receipts for Child Care Provided
  42. Local Daycare Provider Forums
  43. Would you use a hdc with no contract?
  44. FT/PT question
  45. Questions
  46. How long is rest time?
  47. child care questions
  48. Opening a HDC...so many questions!
  49. re-opening my daycare
  50. A little annoyed.....not sure if "overreacting"....toughts plz? From both sides....
  51. Drop in Babysitting
  52. teachers strike
  53. HCP do you get invited to.....
  54. international nannies. anyone experience this or have info/advice?
  55. nanny rate or babysitting rate??? how much to pay??
  56. Before/After Care Needed
  57. How do you know?
  58. Sending Sick Kids To Daycare On Purpose
  59. Where to look for a Nanny?
  60. Think I may have been a wimp this A.M.
  61. What do you get the kids for Christmas?
  63. How much would you charge?
  64. fall field trips
  65. rate question
  66. Winter
  67. Started a FB group....
  68. Tricks of the trade
  69. Licensing and Insurance
  70. Closing...
  71. Looking for Daycare Feed back
  72. Screaming Child
  73. Question
  74. Before and/or after school care
  75. Childcare and your own children
  76. Daycare Provider - No Receipts
  77. London rates for full time nanny
  78. Little Red School House Lambeth
  79. Behaviour issues
  80. Lambeth home childcare?
  81. Daycares in tillsonburg
  82. overnight care
  83. Trouble filling spaces?
  84. Cleaning and sanatizing toys
  85. How to maneuver them all?
  86. Daycare Program
  87. Best way to advertise home daycare
  88. Before and After Care
  89. Home Child Care Appreciation Evening
  90. So POd with looking for daycare!
  91. Daycare provider refusing to give receipt
  92. Non working paid days?
  93. Question for the HDCP with small children
  94. How much do you charge
  95. Help with HDP at tax time!!!
  96. Do you still charge if someone cancels their "day"?
  97. Komoka Child Care
  98. need affordable accountant!
  99. Looking for babysitter/Daycare provider 2D/Wk
  100. Special Circumstance with your HDP
  101. waiting lists for home childcare providers?
  102. looking for advice on home care from home care providers
  103. Taxes
  104. More care problems
  105. How much notice do you expect?
  106. Potty training problems
  107. Would this bug you?
  108. How do you handle...
  109. What are the chances...
  110. Home Daycare in Southeast London???
  111. Anyone with London Children's Connection?
  112. how to drop off toddler at daycare with a newborn in the car??
  113. Christmas Ornaments
  114. Is there any Daycare that stay open late?
  115. As a daycare provider what would you like for christmas?
  116. Daycare in St. Thomas
  117. Do you buy for your childcare kids?
  118. Home Daycares
  119. Make me feel better about my HDCP
  120. are you flexible with your fees?
  121. Drop another parent for not paying me for childcare
  122. Babysitting?
  123. winter christmas season
  124. earnings statement?
  125. Receipts
  126. 2 hrs late
  127. Somewhat bizarre email request for care
  128. Questions to ask Centres
  129. Looking for great childcare:
  130. Question about after school care
  131. Hourly Rate vs. Flat Rate.
  132. tylenol
  133. What areas need more HDC?
  134. I need to take Infant/Child cpr and first aid who does this?
  135. To HDCP ...do you "hold spots" during maternity leaves?
  136. before and after school care
  137. Cubbies ???
  138. Home vs Centre based and other Qs
  139. daycare question(s)
  140. What is the best thing to do in this situation
  141. Welcome to the Child Care Providers Section!
  142. What would you pay for a nanny in this sitch?
  143. Transition time for new kids
  144. social isolation
  145. Am I paying too much?
  146. Having a hard time finding children for my home childcare business
  147. Advice on Child Care
  148. mixed ages or close in age groups
  149. Slow to get new families?
  150. circle time
  151. How early is too early for drop off?
  152. fall/halloween crafts
  153. storage ideas
  154. Help finding child care for friend?
  155. How do you handle "rough play"?
  156. How must to ask for before/after school care
  157. how much?
  158. How do you decide?
  159. "dress code"
  160. Looking for a live in Nanny...where to start?
  161. How much do you charge for before and after school ?
  162. Nap Mats/Cots
  163. Advertising
  164. part-time
  165. six seater "bye bye" wagon thing?
  166. part-time contract
  167. Graduating gifts for daycare children
  168. Crafts and activities for the under 2 crowd
  169. very part-time in Southwest?
  170. Home made recipes for crafting
  171. washable bingo dabbers
  172. A BIG thank-you to those that helped...
  173. Here's the termination notice that I've written
  174. what is your late policy?
  175. How do I let someone go?? (yes, sorry it's another post)
  176. Looking for a childcare provider who will take babies.. under 12 months
  177. Would this work?? (re:payment)
  178. Here is a rough draft of my payment note(to collect)
  179. activities and toys for children under 2.5yrs
  180. Payment for the week..how do you get it?
  181. Activities in this heat
  182. networking with other homecare providers
  183. Non nappers
  184. How long did you wait?
  185. Anyone want to join me?
  186. Summer Lunch Idea's Please
  187. Providers... what do you do in the event of a family death (in your family)?
  188. Childcare Providers .... Would you prefer to have this section private?
  189. childcare providers personal holidays
  190. can anyone tell me how to apply for subsidy and what its all about??
  191. Childcare on stats?
  192. Please do NOT post Looking for Daycare threads in this section!!
  193. LF day care in glen cairn area asap (help!!)
  194. under twos?
  195. How to pay a live-out caregiver
  196. Free Activity-A-Day Calendars
  197. Advice needed: Mom wants her dd to nap in underwear and I don't
  198. Reference Questions
  199. First aid/CPR
  200. I'll let you know by ...
  201. sibling rates
  202. Part Time care question
  203. what are your questions for the families that you interview
  204. Do you go outside a lot in this heat wave???
  205. How much would you charge
  206. has anyone offered pt childcare only over summer months?
  207. how many of each do you need?
  208. what do you do for appointments?
  209. Help - Westmount Area
  210. Question for all you child care mommas
  211. Rainy day ideas....
  212. holding spots?
  213. what are you doing in the nice weather??
  214. Would you do this?
  215. advice please
  216. sell me on homecare
  217. bedding
  218. insurance
  219. rules: licensed and unlicensed
  220. allergies and daycare
  221. nanny required
  222. Contract Advice!
  223. Not sure how to deal with this
  224. stat holidays?
  225. starting out and tours...
  226. Birthdays
  227. Is there such a thing as a part time Nanny?
  228. Where do I find this kind of person?
  229. spring/summer menus
  230. what would you do?
  231. What hours do you offer?
  232. No Show
  233. Describe your ideal childcare (home or centre based)
  235. Rates in London and St thomas and area
  236. Stat Holidays
  237. Before and after school care
  238. Looking for F/T Childcare Availability?
  239. Questions on Child Care
  240. how annoying is this? *VENT*
  241. Accountant/taxes
  242. Anyone with ideas...i need help!
  243. Just a silly question
  244. Acting strange
  245. in home care needed
  246. Sick kids?
  247. are there daycare providers that have flexible hours?
  248. Going Rate
  249. Asking the Experts- Hand Foot and Mouth
  250. ? for hdc providers