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  1. LTC Assaults
  2. Vasectomy regrets?
  3. Religion being taught to my SK kid
  4. Innocent Until Proven Guilty
  5. Age of Consent for Vaccines - spin off
  6. Funeral Services
  7. My Husband Doesn't Need to see Your Boobs
  8. Gas Protests
  9. City of London Police Cars
  10. Excessive bylaws
  11. London's race for mayor
  12. Ontario Toughens Up Vaccine Rules for Kids Going Back to School in Fall
  13. Sharenting
  14. Womancare Midwives Open house - Marie's Retirement
  15. what about female circumsicion?
  16. Circumcision should be seen 'in the same light as childhood vaccination .
  17. Divorce without a lawyer
  18. cities being sued over fluoridation
  19. do you have faith in Health Canada / public health in general?
  20. This is weird
  21. Would you Want the Plug Pulled..?
  22. LDCSB baptism rule
  23. Raising Min. Wage
  24. I Look Down on Young Married Moms
  25. #1 most prescribed medication in canada and another fluoride vent..
  26. inappropriate kids clothes being test marketed in london..
  27. While we're on the subject of vaccines: HPV article
  28. Interesting article in The Star
  29. 5 Year old boy killed in Saskatoon. Another Tragic Story
  30. 5 Year old boy killed in Saskatoon. Another Tragic Story
  31. Foodbank donations
  32. Santa Claus Parade this year
  33. No More Honour Roll
  34. Block Parents
  35. Push Presents - Yay or Nay?
  36. Will there be CPP when we retire?
  37. School unable to restrict access without court order.
  38. fluoride debate - London city hall
  39. springbank and wonderland woodlot - might be chopped down
  40. Wetting the Baby's Head, um, what?
  41. Facebook pictures, teenage boys and girls..battle of the bloggers..what do you think?
  42. Do You Trust Vaccines?
  43. Vaccine Court Awards Millions to Two Children With Autism
  44. Things like this just make me just want to scream. . .
  45. Hate Letter to Kid with Autism
  46. Denied heart transplant ...15yr old.
  47. 11 days between garbage pick ups - health hazard?
  48. Boycotting the Olympics
  49. Blurred Lines
  50. Don't Compliment your Kids
  51. Streetcar shooting
  52. Poll: Evolution or Creationism?
  53. before you vote in the by-election
  54. This puts BAD REP on home child care......:(
  55. What would you do?
  56. Is it ever too late?
  57. If you could rid the world of 1 thing, what would it be?
  58. Should they be charged?
  59. Working from home, is there anything that's not a scam?
  60. Vaccines.
  61. Looking to meet moms in london... Not so easy
  62. This is the first artivle following a homeless pregnant mother
  63. Video - Circumcision The Whole Story
  64. Obesity is a Disease
  65. Same Love
  66. Overprotective Parents in the modern era- are we hurting the kids?
  67. Baby Boxes
  68. Who is responsible?
  69. Teacher posts explicit sex-education brochures in his Grade 7/8 classroom
  70. 3D Printable Gun
  71. What about Fabric?
  72. Sweatshops
  73. kids riding on the back of motorcycles
  74. Sharing is bad for children?
  75. Innocent or Inappropriate?
  76. Would you TTC without your partner knowing?
  79. younger woman much much older man
  81. Bikinis for little girls?
  82. S/O: Should teachers be allowed to...... (added pic description)
  83. should teachers be given
  84. London public schools
  85. Media hype of 1 year anniversary of St. Patrick's Day riot on Fleming Drive
  86. Do You Think We (as Canadians) Are Less Paranoid
  87. OB threatens to call the police unless patient has a csection.
  88. Do you think sexism still exists
  89. Pregnant Teen Wins Abortion Battle
  90. What do you think of the Boys and Girl's Club?
  91. Let's face it...
  92. Double Thread - Delete
  93. Homophobic language on twitter
  94. Measles for everyone!
  95. Not crazy about this new term Vent
  96. BDSM
  97. Kitty Werthmann's warning for America
  98. What do you think?
  99. Gun laws
  100. Person-First Language
  101. Injuries and sports
  102. Thoughts? Joe Fontana
  103. "So Long Friend"
  104. Surprise phone call from the ex
  105. So sad :(
  106. One Holiday at a Time
  107. Celebrating Holidays in School
  108. What About Those That Didn't Evacuate?
  109. What Do you think?
  110. Anti Bullying
  111. Is it ever ok for a married man to go out for a night with anothr woman?
  112. I got an email from Dalton McGuinty
  113. Teacher Strike
  114. Rona Ambrose - unfit to be minister of staus for women
  115. Spin off of the teacher discussion
  116. Parents told not to pack milk or egg products in lunches
  117. Childless couples (National Post article)
  118. No more extras...no more books
  119. Teacher Legislation Passes at Queen's Park
  120. Sex Ed Class
  121. Spin Off Thread
  122. Need circ info
  123. Who are you supporting with your shopping?
  124. some like it hot...
  125. Funny or Not Funny?
  126. Ambulance Budget Cuts
  127. Bus Driver Gets 4 Years jail - **sensitive topic**
  128. Just wondering
  129. Sunbathing in the Cemetery. . .what do you think?
  130. Chick-Fil-A
  131. Teachers going on strike?
  132. What a great invention!
  133. Which is worse...
  134. Problem with the Catholic System
  135. Blocking on Facebook
  136. getting my can opener
  137. The Right to Die and Ableist Thinking
  138. Batman visiting recovering kids?
  139. FB debates
  140. Suicide
  141. I'm disappointed
  142. S/O Bullying on Lms.
  143. Deciding on a Month!
  144. ObamaCare WDYT?
  145. What do You think of this?
  146. What are your thoughts on this?
  147. Spin-Off of Lydia Herrle thread
  148. Hmm. . .anyone else kind of unimpressed with Groupon's ad today?
  149. "Stop having babies"
  150. Kids on a leash! (Safety Harnesses)
  151. Should people with Aspergers assimilate when able?
  152. CETA
  153. Faking Pregnancy - bit of a vent too.
  154. School jumping ban
  155. Ban on tanning beds/salons
  156. Fluoride in water
  157. Driving and Texting?
  158. Teacher/Aide Bully Child
  159. FDK
  160. Shocking birth story
  161. Smoking Marijuana
  162. Co-Sleeping
  163. Would you live forever?
  164. Interesting blog post
  165. Events with no children
  166. A thank you To foster/adoptive parents + A question **
  167. Justin Bieber and Save Bethesda
  168. Is anyone against saving Bethesda?
  169. Vaccinating vs Delayed Vaccinating vs Not Vaccinating at all
  170. Go to your room!
  171. Pepsi uses Aborted Fetuses
  172. West Jet introduces child free cabins/
  173. "Little House on the Prairie" parenting
  174. Bubble Wrap Kids and Latch Key Kids
  175. Special Needs Pedophile VS No Special Needs Pedophile.
  176. Reebok - FAIL
  177. Is it ever OK to have an affair?
  178. Spin-off: Do you have insurance?
  179. Teachers again -- documentary "American Teacher"
  180. SafePet
  181. Bullying
  182. Article/Video - Baby yoga??
  183. Would You do Naked Yoga?
  184. Related to the Teacher thread. . .
  185. Article "Killing Babies no different than Abortion"
  186. How do you feel about the current Teacher related issues/controversies?
  187. Do you ever feel......
  188. Daily Deals
  189. bieber and bethesda
  190. Spinoff - Teenagers and Drugs
  191. Teenagers and drinking....
  192. Is it appropriate? Or just harmless?
  193. What would you protest for?
  194. Kids anti-obesity campaign
  195. Grow Op house
  196. Forgiveness
  197. How do you feel about this sentence;
  198. What is the concern with letting them choose their beliefs?
  199. Drummond Commission
  200. Abortion vs Adoption
  201. Another thread about Chris Brown
  202. as a woman this makes my head EXPLODE
  203. I Don't know how I feel about this book?
  204. The consequence of sharing youtube videos
  205. Chris Brown and the Grammy's
  206. Recommendation to cancel Full Day Kindergarten
  207. Abortion Page on Facebook
  208. Spanking
  209. What Do you think of Natrel Baboo?
  211. Hospital says child should not receive transplant because she is "mentally retarded"
  212. What do you think?
  213. Is this even legal?
  214. School Boundary Changes and Closures
  215. how much do americans value their children..
  216. Why do we get so up in arms
  217. WOHM vs SAHM
  218. Shocking Results; Can you tell the difference.....?
  219. Elf on the Shelf: Cute or Creepy?
  220. Would You Support a Baby Tax in restaurants?
  221. Rape Jokes (Article)
  222. Child removed from home because he is overweight
  223. Water Fluoridation
  224. Why Would You Call?
  225. Flu Shots
  226. Would You Let Your Daughter Watch Disney Movies?
  227. The One Percent
  228. Floor Walkers
  229. New smoking ban proposed
  230. Anti-cosleeping ad
  231. Miss. Prop-26
  232. Parents lose custody of their children despite being cleared for child abuse
  233. Occupy
  234. What do you think of daylight savings time?
  235. Naked PETA protest
  236. IPS
  237. Aggressive children are agressive because of parental behaviour?
  238. Pee in a cup to get your $$
  239. I Am Anonymous
  240. "Parents urged to limit TV for youngest"
  241. Pro life group sees impact from vigil
  242. How many driving tests should you be allowed to fail?
  243. Dangers of wi-fi
  244. Foodstock -Save the land that feeds us!
  245. First Generation Immigrants lower our crime rates
  246. This makes me angry...
  247. Pro-Life 180 Movie
  248. Art? Or does it cross a line?
  249. Mermaid vs whale
  250. Anti-Abortion Protest