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  1. Need to "Love it" again...but require help!
  2. How do you clean your washing machine?
  3. Pet Gates - any recomendations?
  4. pool fencing
  5. Accessibility ramps for houses
  6. Water Restrictions
  7. Plant a Row, Grow a Row
  8. The Three Sisters
  9. Replacing grass
  10. Gardening advice more "natural" ?
  11. Anyone need a Rain Barrel? GREAT PRICE!
  12. Play sand
  13. Recycling/upcycling K-Cups
  14. Self-Storage units in East London?
  15. Where to find something like this?
  16. Moving
  17. Property Management/Rental Companies?
  18. Ice maker repair recomendations
  19. ISO Small rustic garden bench.
  20. Does anyone know where the Delaware Sunflower Field is???
  21. Electric frying pan went in the dishwasher
  22. back yard designer
  23. swing sets, fence by law
  24. Two Men and a Truck reviews?
  25. Real wood furniture stores
  26. Too Early to Plant?
  27. Home Insurance Cost
  28. Splitting ferns?
  29. Anyone interested in buying some hostas plants?
  30. LF: window cleaning company
  31. Energy efficient replacement window ideas
  32. ikea kids bedding - online vs in store
  33. Did you know about heirloom seeds??
  34. Company for a potential foundation/siding/I-don't-know-what issue?
  35. income tax question
  36. Bathroom Renovations
  37. What color is your basement family room?
  38. living in Ingersoll?
  39. looking for appliance pick up in London
  40. I couldn't believe the amount of my heat bill for the last 6 weeks!
  41. A bee/wasp in January!!!
  42. Do your kids share a room? Do they have a closet? Dresser?
  43. Does anyone's child have this bed from Ikea?
  44. What does your bedroom look like?
  45. Making your dogs food.
  46. Contractor for small job
  47. Must Have's for IKEA Kitchens
  48. Insured/licenced renovator recommendations please
  49. How to kill dog smell!
  50. Fruit Flies
  51. Resealing your driveway
  52. Dryer sheets/balls/sprays
  53. Garden questions
  54. Carpet or hardwood (well laminate hardwood)
  55. antique dresser vanity mirror DRAMA
  56. Does anyone have a captains bed?
  57. Hanging Kids Artwork
  59. Anyone know a dishwasher installer/repairer?
  60. Does anyone have a steam mop?
  61. Flower Lady on Hyde Park?????
  62. rec room fix up
  63. HELP with Carpenter ants
  64. How do you keep your kids' books contained?
  65. camper trailer reno
  66. Steel roof or shingles?
  67. Landscaping company
  68. Blackberries
  69. skunk
  70. solar tube lighting?
  71. Stand-Alone Hammock
  72. canning
  73. Kitchen Counter with attached backsplash - yes or no?
  74. Wasp Nest Removal
  75. Second Hand Furniture Stores in London
  76. Concrete Company Recommendations?
  77. Hot Water Heaters
  78. How hard is it to install your own counter/sink?
  79. Recommendations for foundation repair?
  80. Spices
  81. Putting up the magazine posters, without hurting walls
  82. Broken Oven Element
  83. Painting disaster, how do we fix?
  84. Composter
  85. Realestate agent with competitive commission rate
  86. Property taxes
  87. belairdirect insurance?
  88. WWYD? Basement/foundation repair
  89. shelf holding pegs for book shelf
  90. typical deposit for new window?
  91. Affordable Nursery Planters
  92. Chlorine for Easy Set pools
  93. Calling all green thumbs! I need some tips!
  94. for those who do not have cable/satellite
  95. Best place to buy trees
  96. strategies for cleaning textured vinyl floors?
  97. Long Weekend Gardening
  98. Compost
  99. Fence Posts
  100. #2 just won't go down, and no, it's not funny.
  101. Cheapest place to fill propane tank BBQ???
  102. Garage Sales, are they worth it?
  103. Burning plastic in Dishwasher
  104. Fuchsias
  105. Best deal for garden plants?
  106. Ideas to keep a tidy home
  107. Just bought
  108. Cedars
  109. that time of year!
  110. Pool Fence bi-law
  111. Affordable Fence Company
  112. Advice on areas in London?
  113. Wickerson Heights - Drainage Issues?
  114. House for Sale in Jack Chambers area - Best Way to Sell?
  115. Help us find a subdivision with kids - thoughts? areas?
  116. Lawn Care
  117. Old South vs. New Subdivision? - Moms weigh in??
  118. Contractor rates?
  119. I want to do some make-ahead meals for the freezer...help!
  120. S/O: Where do you keep your onions???
  121. Question for those with the dual flush toilets
  122. Some Random Household Questions
  123. Deck builder referral
  124. Portable Kitchen island
  125. Swing set
  126. Cleaning Floors
  127. Do you decorate your walls?
  128. Hanging a canvas picture. Where? With what else?
  129. Something new living under my porch - I WANT IT OUT!
  130. handy"man" / contractor recommendations
  131. Finishing a basement
  132. Ideas for de-cluttering/simplifying during a move?
  133. gardening season
  134. I need some advice on what to do. bathroom or no bathroom?
  135. Plumber recommendation?
  136. Landscaping company/contractor/person recommendations?!
  137. When do you make your bed?
  138. Flooring place recommendations
  139. Honeycomb blinds
  140. ISO Foam Interlocking Mats
  141. 'Easy set' pools.
  142. Cleaning Services
  143. Dishwasher repair?
  144. favourite basement colours?
  145. Do you back in to your driveway?
  146. Laminate flooring
  147. What does your coat closet look like?
  148. How much do you pay for your propane heat?
  149. Advice on this situation!
  150. Budget Friendly Make-over
  151. Hubby is fixing the entrance/mudroom
  152. Movers - 2 Men and a Truck?
  153. Backyard Chickens
  154. Window treatments
  155. Is your house the way you want it?
  156. electric fireplace in bathroom?
  157. painters (for interior of house)
  158. Tile wholesalers in London
  159. WSIB when hiring painters, roofers, etc
  160. Lease question!
  161. Where to buy house plants in the winter?
  162. Do you get a gift for your real estate agent?
  163. Selling a house is frustrating!!!
  164. Ugh, why don't we have an Ikea?
  165. Cleaning your oven?
  166. Today's to do list
  167. Just a brag :)
  168. Decluttering...
  169. My DH rocks
  170. Recs for contractors to finish basement?
  171. Apartment Therapy January Cure
  172. Interior Design Painting Question
  173. Let's fix our houses! The 2013 house thread.
  174. kitchen backsplash and fridge DRAMA
  175. window curtains
  176. Do you have a juicer?
  177. What kind of washer/dryer do you have?
  178. do you keep a stocked pantry?
  179. Shelf and Drawer Liners, which ones do you use and why?
  180. Curtains/Blinds/Shelving/Ornaments/Frames Installation
  181. best place to buy a double bed
  182. Carpet installation
  183. The 15 Minute Cleaning Dash
  184. Wood Fence Help
  185. Does anyone have a woodworker for a DH?
  186. Washing Machine Recommendations
  187. heated flooring?
  188. Bathmats
  189. How to clean a stubborn toilet ring
  190. Residential Electrician recs
  191. on your house....
  192. Shoe storage like this?
  193. Best places to live in London and best schools?
  194. new front door w/installation?
  195. Cleaning carpets
  196. Kitchen Renos.
  197. updating aluminum electrical in house
  198. how do you clean a humdifier?
  199. Duct cleaning
  200. Did you pack and move yourself?
  201. bedsheets on bed or padding between??
  202. What to do with herbs
  203. RENO options with resale in mind
  204. Have you redone a bathroom?
  205. Placing 'mums' in pot of water?
  206. Have you ever built a shed or playhouse?
  207. wall clock problem?
  208. Help! Do you know a handy person?
  209. Do you have wall decals?
  210. DIY HELP!!
  211. Cleaning when you don't want to do it
  212. Why do so many homes not have back doors?
  213. Kipps lane area questions and school ??
  214. Help decorate kids toyroom
  215. Washing machine needs servicing - who to call?
  216. Best organizing tips?
  217. Looking for house/carpet cleaning recommendations
  218. What is your favorite room in your house
  219. 2 dishwashers 1 kitchen
  220. Nailer for hardwood floors.
  221. Home Phone talk and save through Royal bank
  222. what do you do with meat leftovers?? raw and cooked??
  223. can anyone recommend a good handyman/handywoman??
  224. Painting Referrals
  225. If you made your own sandbox...
  226. fly control with kids in the house....how do you do it?
  227. fly control with kids in the house....how do you do it?
  228. Self Directed Investments
  229. composting question.....will i get mice????
  230. how to manage garbage smell and flies?? in kitchen and in garage...
  231. Furnace filter
  232. Doing a house addition WITHOUT a contractor
  233. Buying a new furnace
  234. not installing bathtub faucet..
  235. Wild Things Wildlife Control?
  236. How long did it take you to save up your mortgage downpayment?
  237. Do you use the 'dry' function on your dishwasher?
  238. Things to do this weekend:
  239. Where did you buy your slipcovers?
  240. Dead bird in sandbox
  241. Pool installation?!?!
  242. Who to get to look at a dryer issue?
  243. TOU rates
  244. First timer-House shopping:)
  245. Microwave
  246. Rabbits in the Garden
  247. How much do you spend on furniture?
  248. Interior Redesign
  249. Vinyl vs laminate
  250. Pee smell