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  1. Help and recommendations
  2. I'm back......
  3. Another failed medication :(
  4. The Waiting Game.
  5. Passing out or seizures and anyone go to Dr D'Souza?
  6. Mild cases of Aspergers --- Advice
  7. Getting a diagnosis and the waiting game, private recommendations to get a diagnosis?
  8. Disability Tax Credit Question
  9. Sports and Mild/Mod Hearing Impairment
  10. TVCC Family Fun Day
  11. Getting Ready for School
  12. Not good news
  13. Finally a diagnosis
  14. Arthritis awareness
  15. Looking for reading tutor for child with CAPD
  16. PCMH London is here!
  17. PCMH London Chapter-Need child minding?
  18. Another update
  19. FSGS
  20. Play Therapist recommendations please
  21. Finally have answers
  22. Help needed
  23. EIP at Madame Vanier
  24. Is it asking too much to know what my child is being taught at school?
  25. Little update
  26. options not having a family Dr
  27. SSAH...any experience?
  28. prayers for my son tomorrow
  29. great start to the summer
  30. It has taken one year
  31. which public schools have the best spec ed and admin teams?
  32. June 8th
  33. J'SMOM I just sent you a private message...
  34. Best Buy warranty ripoff
  35. What role does All Kids Belong take on once your child starts school?
  36. What are your experiences with before/after school childcare
  37. Looking for private duty nurses
  38. Disney Princess eye glasses
  39. Quick update on my kids
  40. Anyone else had a tough time getting success with ADHD meds?
  41. Unique identification
  42. First time
  43. proud
  44. Looking for TVDSB teacher with special needs child
  45. FASD
  46. OT- How to access?- Autism related
  47. And back to square one
  48. aspergers/adhd
  49. Just an update
  50. Psycho-Educational Assessment
  51. FM System experience
  52. London orthodontist has unique practice, catering to special needs patients...
  53. Where to get Central Auditory Processing test and Psychological Assessment?
  54. been a week
  55. School Bus-specialized transportation
  56. what are your favorite ipad apps?
  57. Does anyone have experience with Apraxia?
  58. Lilia has a fb page!
  59. T1D
  60. Absolutely no break in bad news for me
  61. Finally all the answers!
  62. what do you do?
  63. Another backwards step
  64. Chewable necklace in London?
  65. Update on my son (updates again, post 1)
  66. SSAH monies
  67. Your son is too young for this (lmao)
  68. update on lilia
  69. and it's one Giant step back DD update
  70. DD update- looking for a new paed in london
  71. Being denied speech services at school because I have private speech therapist!
  72. waiting waiting waiting...
  73. Is it wrong?
  74. How do I deal with this (autism related)
  75. wwyd about this?
  76. update on lilia...not good news.
  77. 1 in 1000 doesn't apply to me
  78. You have got to be kidding...
  79. Removing G-Tube
  80. Another article
  81. Thank you for all the support
  82. Info For School template
  83. Families teach this OT student key lessons
  84. T minus 2 days
  85. Quick update
  86. It's like Christmas!!
  87. Dr Ismail
  88. For the Moms
  89. I know I have said this before
  90. If you we're asked
  91. DTC for Hearing Impaired
  92. can anyone help? glasses and acsd
  93. Canada's Wonderland and SN
  94. CAP Test Results
  95. We have a dx
  96. Tourette Syndrome
  97. Introducing myself
  98. DS1 requires constant supervision....it is becoming exhausting
  99. Accept it or call? Update post 1
  100. It is getting harder for DS1 :(
  101. well no offical dx yet...
  102. Signs?
  103. I need to vent
  104. Why my child?
  105. Lilia is Deaf.
  106. Kids who have done IBI
  107. Tube free challenege
  108. i am going to shoot my sister
  109. Some not so good news
  110. Help please
  111. dwarfism
  112. Setting boundaries with family
  113. Getting our "story" out there
  114. having anxiety...
  115. Question about Disability tax credit
  116. Looking for neocate splash
  117. Nolan was let off at the wrong bus stop
  118. The plan
  119. Need help
  120. bye bye feeding tube!
  121. New home health care company
  122. His speech is back on track!
  123. back to genetics we go..
  124. anyone have a g tube taken out?
  125. Interview Request:
  126. I should just homeschool my child
  127. Would you Cure them?
  128. DTC and ODSP
  129. Make a wish and London Lightening
  130. Do children who get the DTC get a reduction in fees for +++
  131. new behavioural problem...
  132. Dr. Makdoom CPRI
  133. still being bullied....
  134. she peed in a garbage can at school
  135. only 30 students!
  136. Asperger parents
  137. Feeding Pumps
  139. I'm new - CPRI experience?
  140. still has pnemonia!
  141. Happy Heart Day Lilia!!!!
  142. Parents Magazine
  143. wow 2 day full of testing
  144. tests this friday...maybe.
  145. Has anyone
  146. dd1's fundraising
  147. doctors app. tomorrow
  148. DD1 has been approved
  149. iPad calendars ideas
  150. I'm a bit of a wreck...
  151. I'm finding it very hard
  152. i dont know what to do anymore
  153. NLD (NLVD)
  154. Finally!
  155. Well another one bites the dust
  156. does acsd come early in dec?
  157. lilia has been really agressive at school :(
  158. Any experience with Biphentin?
  159. Kids mortality
  160. So proud of her!!!
  161. Boo! (Ear) Tube issues
  162. ACSD - application questions
  163. OCD?
  164. ADHD...
  165. Lilia's IEP, please help.
  166. My ADHD son got a 1 day suspension
  167. why is she delayed?
  168. Don't we see enough doctors?
  169. lilia is going camping!
  170. another update on D
  171. easter seals top up
  172. My son the hero
  173. Sibshop
  174. Turner Syndrome
  175. Pretty Awesome :)
  176. IEP question?
  177. Finally a formal diagnosis!
  178. How do you deal with the yelling?
  179. Disability Tax Credit application
  180. CDs of children's music that sing slower.
  182. adhd/odd/sensory processing disorder questions
  183. a question for tube feeding momma's
  184. Oh no! It's getting worse :(
  185. Lilia has been reffered
  186. the results of Lilias hearing test
  187. Need ideas? DS1 freaks out if he gets one drop of water on his clothes.
  188. How to get him to wear a bracelet, sticker etc....
  189. Need a poop'splosion
  190. Talk it Up Program at the London Speech and
  191. Article about my son
  192. Have you wondered if your child has sensory issues?
  193. Totally unexpected phone call today :)
  194. Disability Tax
  195. Special Need Child vs A child with a Developmental Disability
  196. We survived the first week of JK
  197. i see an end in sight!
  198. first day of school.....in underwear!
  199. Needing some support
  200. best day all summer
  201. Survey for Customer service
  202. Are there any organizations that will help pay for speech language therapy?
  203. ideas
  204. Feeding Therapist
  205. transplant clinic tomorrow
  206. 2 days diaper free!
  207. Child Psychiatrist who specializes in children on the spectrum
  208. How to get off feeding tube?
  209. doctor wont be happy!
  210. New ADHD diagnosis - btdt advice? (and specific meds feedback wanted)
  211. Communication Devices
  212. I'm freaking out about dental surgery and late appointment time!!
  213. Easter Seals Top up funding
  214. Need your ideas mommas
  215. she's walking!!
  216. OMG She did it!!!! MRI without sedation....
  217. DS2 has another set back :(
  218. those who have kids with multiple special needs
  219. update on life with a bipolar/aniexty ridden fas kiddo
  220. THE dress
  221. Free Download
  222. A new diagnosis
  223. blood work came back
  224. Canada's Wonderland
  225. Emma won an award :)
  226. Learning disabilites and Lilia?
  227. TalkAbility
  228. This is it, he goes to school in September.
  229. 6 years ago today....
  230. I am annoyed!! what to do?
  231. Any experience with CPRI autism screening test?
  232. osteopenia??
  233. School meeting
  234. So very confused
  235. dd3
  236. So Proud
  237. talk to me about add and adhd
  238. My son...
  239. Trying to change to school out of zone
  240. School Transition Meeting
  241. your thoughts?
  242. Where to find help
  243. TVCC Pysio Appointment
  244. TVCC photo shoot
  245. Peptamen Jr
  246. Ingersoll- Snoezelen room-Fusion Youth centre
  247. June 10th
  248. Homemade Blended Formula?
  249. Our Appt
  250. Would anyone like these extra feeding tube supplies?