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  1. Renaming clothing
  2. Walking home from school
  3. Report Cards?
  4. Summer camps for the kids
  5. St. Thomas Mom - opinions on Monsignor Morrison and Lockes PS
  6. After School Care for C.C. Carrothers
  7. Home and School in London
  8. Gr 4 Help
  9. Math Games?
  10. 2003 girls basketball team seeking players
  11. Gr 3 math CLUES acronym
  12. Call of Duty and Other Violent Video Games
  13. Byron Southwood mamas?
  14. One week!
  15. Next week- Students Marks Available!
  16. before and after/ 1st grade
  17. My teenager was in a fight yesterday......
  18. Back to School Essentials - Grade 2
  19. Grade 1 - Byron Somerset PS
  20. Grade 1 at Byron Southwood
  21. St. John Catholic French Immersion
  22. summerside schools
  23. Learning French - programs for English school students
  24. Anyone's kids starting JK at Princess Elizabeth P.S.?
  25. Learning to Read... (tracking issue)
  26. homeschooling
  27. Teenagers and parties.......
  28. My oldest is overdue for a Mom day, what to do?
  29. peeing the bed
  30. How does your school deal with kids not sitting still in class?
  31. when did your little one first learn to read?
  32. EQAO testing
  33. Emotional Day
  34. Anyone send your kids PT in kindergarten with this FT curriculum?
  35. What size bike?
  36. Anyone at Wilfrid Jury school?
  37. Possible teachers strike
  38. skipping
  39. Parents with kids in SK at C.C. Carrothers
  40. Can't wait for the end of the year
  41. French immersion
  42. Needle Ear Piercing
  43. Concern about fencing around school
  44. Emily Carr or Wilfrid Jury PS? What can you tell me about these schools?
  45. Transition jk to sk + French Immersion
  46. Vacations in school time
  47. 4h
  48. DS driving me crazy.
  49. French Imeersion or Not?
  50. tutor suggestions - frustrated/worried Mom
  51. So very proud
  52. Whiteoaks P.S. Closed tomorrow Feb. 3
  53. Ear piercing advice?
  54. Not doing JK?
  55. DS being picked on - what can I do or say to help him??
  56. Threatening to take away recesses
  57. PA Day Activities January 16
  58. NOT FOR KIDS. Jumping........but with an H :/
  59. Child with own Ipad
  60. Eagle heights
  61. End of the year trip...don't know what to do.
  62. leaving school yard
  63. Anyone's child participate in the Caribou Math Tests?
  64. Great PA Day Camp at Centrefield Sports
  65. Classmate never wears a coat
  66. Need help
  67. How should I approach her?
  68. classroom photo from school
  69. Photo Day help
  70. French Immersion Yes? NO?
  71. Reading Below Grade Level
  72. please, please help
  73. sore nipple
  74. Hot Lunch
  75. Split grade question
  76. How was everyone's first day?
  77. Haven't heard from the school?
  78. Introducing the school bus
  79. PA Days
  80. Shoes with lights
  81. Leaving DS home alone for the weekend
  82. At what age.......
  83. tips for back to school shopping?
  84. Central Processing Problem (hearing)
  85. Routine Exam for School Aged Kids
  86. Nurses at any schools??
  87. Dear Parents of teenagers........
  88. Letting kids stay home from school
  89. Gifted Program
  90. Advice please!
  91. field trip, forgetfulness and consequences!
  92. So I feel really bad but I don't know what else to do about it
  93. So what is everyone doing for a gift for the teacher, etc. this year?
  94. Tea party to end school year?
  95. 12 more days!!!
  96. I will be so glad when grade three is over
  97. Do you attend your school council/home and school/etc meetings?
  98. Getting Ready for Gr1
  99. What play ground equipment or sports do your older kids play with at recess?
  100. Curious about your school (vs ours)
  101. End of Year Teachers Gifts.. HELP!
  102. Need some ideas
  103. Ball caps for bigger kids, plain?
  104. Shorts or skorts or scooters that aren't gross?
  105. Opinions about video games?
  106. Very proud
  107. Bad experience, Masonville Mall, 12 year old boys
  108. St. George Cath. School Info? Esp Before & After home Care in Area
  109. Cleardale Public School
  110. He said/She said & Tattle Tailing.
  111. My dd has (updated in post 20)
  112. Using a wobble chair or cushion
  113. Bullying - 1st Grade
  114. March Break plans?
  115. Oxford learning or Sylvain?
  116. I can't wait
  117. Behaviour Skills program
  118. Fraser Institute Ratings
  119. Biggest Gigantic-est Mum Brag!
  120. French Immersion Schools
  121. new french immersion prgram at Ross S.S. location
  122. Teenagers
  123. Starting JK halfway into the year
  124. Schools - I don't like the options
  125. Outdoor School Activities,
  126. Movies on their own??
  127. Calling all teachers! - Math Apps
  128. Recess Last Thursday (that really cold day)
  129. Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts
  130. birthday party etiquette?
  131. Ruined belongings
  132. I was told
  133. Is Chris Hadfield's new book appropriate for a 12-year-old?
  134. Do you send them to school?
  135. Craft Sale at school
  136. Huron Heights parents
  137. French courses for parents of F.I. children
  138. APPLE Program
  139. Cut my son's hair myself!
  140. Getting one kid to school, when the other is sick?
  141. Ok lets talk report cards
  142. Proud mama moment...
  143. Chapter Books for almost 7 year old
  144. help, a week of lunches with no refridgeration
  145. Sending candy to school
  146. SK and Alphabet
  147. How to help with math
  148. Homework Tips
  149. Birthdays at school
  150. The Grade Three Support thread for Parents.
  151. Amblyopia
  152. Question for hot lunch coordinator that does subway
  153. DS having trouble with Language and Math- Websites or game suggestions?
  154. Those of you with kids having a hard time in grade three
  155. Tips for helping with letter reversals
  156. Send the GARBAGE home?
  157. EQAO SCORES??
  158. DS having his lunch stolen at school.
  159. Bullying
  160. How much do you volunteer at school?
  161. Spin-off: Gr. 3 EQAO testing
  162. Grade 3: Anyone else's child struggling?
  163. Child with Separation Anxiety - Need Help
  164. Any parent out there that does the scholastic order?
  165. Homework !! May need help
  166. Snowboard lessons for a 5 yr old
  167. 7 yr old boy issues......
  168. "accidents"
  169. Getting the 7 year old out the door in the morning...
  170. missing school to go on family trip
  171. How do you clean your kids' lunch boxes?
  172. Skylanders video game
  173. Video Game Drama
  174. School Meetings
  175. Acting crazy at the bus stop
  176. cheques for field trips?
  177. French Immersion schools in London
  178. Peanut-free school & home baking
  179. Ashley Oaks Public School
  180. Tooth Fairy - NSFK
  181. Scholastic Book order - Cheques?
  182. School re-zoning
  183. Byron Southwood Public school
  184. Did your kids enjoy going back to school?
  185. Thinking ahead
  186. End an argument for me
  187. Meet the Teacher...
  188. First Day
  189. Help me with my 8 year old please.
  190. What do you think of all the advertising they do in school?
  191. RESP's
  192. Parent Teacher Council
  193. Who do you think should pay?
  194. ds says he is not ready for school yet
  195. Do your kids stay up later than you?
  196. How did the first day go?
  197. Your first day of school ***SPINOFF***
  198. Good leak proof water bottle
  199. First Day Drop Off
  200. First Day Traditions
  201. Where do your Kids go?
  202. Crayola markers from Walmart
  203. Supply Teachers
  204. First day
  205. What did you get ready today
  206. Advice on the schoolyear?
  207. How do you find out
  208. Picky Picky eater lunches
  209. Eye See Eye Learn who's BTDT?
  210. Lunch - How much is enough?
  211. Walking home alone--What age?
  212. Hip Hop classes through Spectrum
  213. school supplies for grade 4?
  214. Jk school schedule
  215. Where kids wait for school bus
  216. Roots Lunch Bags at Costco
  217. The Talk
  218. S/O Lunch Containers
  219. Where do I find lunch container with dividers for lunches?
  220. School Lunches
  221. If you've been through braces
  222. Personalizing Backpacks
  223. What do you think of the new PD schedule?
  224. JK--- 3 years old
  225. St. Michael's School Old North allergy policy question
  226. Character lunchbags that don't suck?
  227. Gym kit?
  228. Fall Activities
  229. What grade
  230. Back to school shopping...
  231. New to hockey
  232. After school care....
  233. Pirate 101 and Wizard 101
  234. New to London... any recommendations on French Schools
  235. What Supplies are needed for JK?
  236. Any french summer programs?
  237. End of school gifts
  238. LAST DAY!!
  239. Now that school is out.... daytime activities in London?
  240. *I* am not ready for this yet
  241. Teacher Gifts
  242. PA day activities
  243. Lunch box recs
  244. Fireworks
  245. Anyone else feeling emotional?
  246. Why are the schools limiting end of the year activities?
  247. teacher gifts
  248. It is so hard
  249. Art Lessons in Strathroy?
  250. tell me it gets easier