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  1. Desperately Seeking Play/Dress Up Clothes for this age group!
  2. Just wondered re: pullups for kids in jk/sk
  3. Printing in jk/sk
  4. boardgames for 5 year old
  5. Any NINTENDO DS games for this age group?
  6. I give up! Tell me your poop-on-toilet secrets!
  7. Anyone know a good speech therapist in London?
  8. After School Program - How to Handle Problems...
  9. Dec baby - now in SK - challenges adjusting!
  10. Talking about tough topics
  11. Toy Laptop recomendations?
  12. How to eplxain that "Sorry" isn't enough
  13. Any late-aged nappers?
  14. sibling rivalries... how do you deal with it?
  15. Looking for friend near Riverside and Hyde Park
  16. summer question
  17. Pooping on Toilet HELP
  18. Kissing boys
  19. "nut free school" what items would this consist of?
  20. Sleep - Please Help!!
  21. Booster seat pricing?
  22. do you send cupcakes or party bags to school for your child's birthday?
  23. teeth brushing with your 4/5 yr olds
  24. JK Drop-off
  25. Ds got punched at school. I have a question
  26. girls 4th bday gift ideas
  27. Nobody will play with him at school
  28. feeling guilty
  29. Rainbow Loom for a 5 year old girl?
  30. JK/SK Party Games
  31. New to JK and making friends
  32. Possible Bladder Infection....
  33. Ryerson Public School every other day SK
  34. timbit soccer
  35. My baby is 4 today...
  36. Summer Sports
  37. Love notes in lunches
  38. Pain in front top teeth
  39. early mornings
  40. DD starting Jk at Sir Arthur Carty in September
  41. Explaining different bodily systems
  42. Spam me! 5 year old Girls
  43. Punishing 4.5 yr old for taking Magnet and scratching Steel Fridge
  44. Won't sleep
  45. misbehavior on school bus
  46. T-Ball or Baseball for 4 year olds?
  47. Birthday Parties
  48. When will she learn or is it just my kid?
  49. Soccer registration
  50. No Alphabet?
  51. Day Camps vs. Daycare
  52. Explaining Evolution
  53. picky eater now! should I be worried?
  54. FREE Family Math program
  55. Just need advice about dd.
  56. too much honesty LOL
  57. Worried about DD1...
  58. Won't go to bed
  59. getting a reading assessment?
  60. Printing / Fine Motor in JK
  61. Recurring nightmares
  62. Vent: Is it really too much?
  63. kindegarten troubles
  64. Need Help with Nightime Potty Training
  65. activity for ds
  66. very angry, not sure what to do
  67. 2 teeth knocked out!
  68. 4yr old always butt naked
  69. Gifts for a 4year old boy??
  70. Hyper JKer
  71. DD's eating habits...
  72. martial arts
  73. Eye See Eye Learn (Free Eye Glasses for JKers)
  74. She is riding a two wheeler!
  75. lunch bags
  76. I cannot handle this!
  77. Help they are driving me crazy........
  78. uh oh he's learned peeing outside is fun
  79. For those doing half day SK by choice
  80. Starting JK (Must have items?)
  81. Home sick today - activities?
  82. Working Mama's... What do you do?
  83. Fairmont P.S.
  84. DD1 can 'make' her own snack ;)
  85. DS needs boy friends
  86. i know schools out....but what did you pack for lunches...
  87. Kindergarten Graduation
  88. Jr.K - full days every other day
  89. Teaching Girls to Wipe
  90. not listening vent
  91. playing independently at home
  92. Summer Camps for 4 year olds
  93. Newly 4... and Driving me NUTS!
  94. Dance Leotards for Toddlers
  95. my little man
  96. Cloth "Pull ups"?
  97. Why are school systems unfair for JK/SK?
  98. Bday party @ Boys and Girls club?
  99. Holy Family Playgroup-new location FYI
  100. Eye Patching
  101. DD doesn't socialize on the playground at school
  102. It's all too much
  103. Disciplining in public
  104. Clothes all over the floor
  105. Exploringthe Neighbourhood - Dangers :(
  106. Should know by JK
  107. Wiping their own bum!
  108. Night-time pull up at age 4/5....
  109. Not a nice way to wake up Mommy...
  110. curriculum question Jk
  111. Very disappointed
  112. Can i vent a little? ok..maybe itll be more like whining...
  113. My DS is soooo cute!!! LOL
  114. Any fun ideas for 'letter of the week'
  115. BUAHHHAAAAA~!!!!!! DID HE just say that? For REAL?
  116. School sign up?
  117. Not sure what to think of this.
  118. Suddenly Hating Kindergarten:(
  119. Cooking party for 5 year old?
  120. Dawdling and not listening
  121. He's found his bride
  122. what do you do when they flat out refuse?
  123. What's your 4/5 yr olds fave meal?
  124. Drink bottle that doesn't spill?
  125. toddler/preschool computer classes?
  126. School District that has FDK 2012
  127. not sure Chicken pox?? pic's added
  128. kids and eyeglasses?
  129. Spectrum soccer, anyone?
  130. mean words
  131. He keeps taking it out!!!
  132. My daughter is a mooner!
  133. Stomach Pain, what do you think of this.....
  134. Jonny getting teeth fixed
  135. Tooth Fairy Pillow -URGENT!
  136. Too tired to use the bathroom?
  137. How tall is your 4 year old?
  138. My 4 yr old thinks he's superman
  139. 4 year old forgetting rules about safety
  140. Is your kid in a booster seat or car seat?
  141. Separation Anxiety
  142. Not listening...
  143. Fractured wrist
  144. I'm a grandma!
  145. For the School-Aged Mama's
  146. Love/hate relationship with my dd!!advice needed
  147. Bwa ha ha ha. Daddy ain't so special tonight.
  148. wondering what age your little one finally potty trained, or are they still trying?
  149. First day of JK. How'd it go?
  150. Anyone else with child starting JK?
  151. Birthday gifts for a 5 year old boy?
  152. Swimming with no water wings
  153. Bathroom drama
  154. DD hardly ate at first day of JK
  155. Dance and Gymnastics for girls
  156. The Kissing Hand book
  157. Free hockey helmet for 5 year olds registered in minor hockey.
  158. I don't know what the heck is going on with my DS
  159. DS still has a sippy cup
  160. Happy Birthday Jared
  161. Tooth Fairy
  162. To some, this would be worrisome LOL
  163. JK Roll Call
  164. Out of the mouth of babes
  165. Lessons from a 2 yr old
  166. independent bathroom help
  167. What do you have your 4 or 5 year old enrolled in right now?
  168. TD Reading Club - Free Western Fair Pass
  169. Great Entertainment for the 4's and 5's!
  170. Shrieks of glee tonight from dd...
  171. If they don't like you
  172. Getting Ready for JK
  173. JK/SK Visit
  174. Bathroom Hygiene
  175. 4year old and cradle cap
  176. I think she needs to learn more about babies!
  177. I'm feeling the pressure.
  178. FREE Preschool Play & Learn
  179. Does your child do playdates with friends of the opposite sex?
  180. DD is going for her first playdate :)
  181. Sometimes kids can just melt your heart
  182. Not a UTI??
  183. rhyming
  184. how does your 4.5 year old talk?
  185. proud and cute
  186. "It wasn't me"....
  187. car seat recommendation
  188. How do I?
  189. T-ball for 4-5 year olds? On Saturdays?
  190. Funny Conversation between DH and DS.
  191. Board games - which ones does your 4 year old love?
  192. Fricken pink toys!
  193. I was speechless....
  194. Another B-Day party question
  195. Question about schools in London
  196. I cant hear (see) you!
  197. Ear infection and swimming....
  198. Do you help your JK'er with homework?
  199. Stop the Hug and Kiss Habit before I go INSANE!
  200. dont know what to do *long*
  201. A Young 4 Year Old?
  202. What would you do/say ...?
  203. How to get him to stop saying that.....
  204. Today
  205. went to his SK open house.. SO not impressed *long*
  206. Feeling Bummed
  207. Is it common at this age...?
  208. So what happens if I don't register her for JK before the deadline?
  209. So demanding
  210. Citizenship award
  211. "I'm hungry!"
  212. JK homework??
  213. Bought any good gifts from Scholar's Choice lately?
  214. Initiative......
  215. Misbehaving in school
  216. Tinkerbell
  217. 104.3 fever
  218. Looks like school will wait another year...
  219. My baby is 4!!!
  220. Bed time with my 4 year old is torture
  221. How big is your 5 year old...
  222. Frustrated...
  223. So I finally understand the complaints!
  224. Worried about dd's behaviours
  225. How to Train your Dragon Cupcakes
  226. Does your child like their picture taken?
  227. Your kids favourite websites
  228. Missing winter hat..... post8 - missing mittens now
  229. 5 years ago today
  230. Birthday Parties
  231. I love listening to DD :)
  232. PO'd at DS's school again!!!!!!!!
  233. Who to invite!
  234. Board games for 5 year olds
  235. jumping in
  236. Reading?
  237. After School Program
  238. JK and has his first girlfriend!
  239. 1st tooth
  240. How much for loot bags?
  241. I'm so sad....
  242. upset with the school
  243. constantly getting holes in his knees!!!
  244. Talk some patience into me.
  245. 5th b-day party no rsvp's yet :( How soon do u rsvp?
  246. Tell me this will stop :(
  247. Another birthday question
  248. JK Birthday!!
  249. Drawing, Colouring etc.
  250. Learn to Skate classes?