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  1. Lupron injections
  2. Metformin for PCOS???
  3. did i have a miscarriage?
  4. clomid side effects
  5. magnesium - infertility connection
  6. Anyone else
  7. Sault Ste Marie and Male Infertility
  8. CINNAMON - Fertility Food!!
  9. Too good to be true
  10. OMG, OMG!
  11. the dreaded 2WW!
  12. levythyroxine is making my period late?
  13. Im starting Femara!!
  14. anyone with pcos might be interested in this
  15. self referral to soft clinic
  16. wait times at the Fertility Clinic @ LHSC
  17. Be strong, don't lose hope - My Story updated
  18. what is the average wait to get in at soft clinic?
  19. Dr. Martin at soft clinic
  20. maltlevol or geritol
  21. Hypothyroidism and infertility
  22. Never gets easier
  23. Countdown
  24. Go for it or Adopt?
  25. Few questions, conceiving 2nd time around?
  26. PCOS
  27. Dr. J Schmidt
  28. Vasectomy Reversal
  29. Well looks like we are done ***Update in post 35***
  30. soft clinic
  31. Endo
  32. Clomid
  33. SOFT sued?
  34. Day 43
  35. Day 39 and No period
  36. There may just be a light at the end of this long tunnel
  37. So it looks like....
  38. Make IVF a topic point in the October 6th election!
  39. Never thought Id be a poster in here.....
  40. Are you kidding me?
  41. 1st appt with Dr. Martin
  42. Dr Rebel at UH?
  43. How do you deal????
  44. Another year and no baby
  45. Ovulation Predictor and PCOS
  46. First time seeing the Fertility Dr!
  47. Another failed cycle
  48. TTC Journey (starting Clomid) *Update*
  49. Cervix position as an indicator of pregnancy?
  50. Dr. Hollett-Caines?
  51. Frustration
  52. Frustrated, not sure what to do
  53. I hate waiting
  54. Needle thing....for ovulation
  55. Send me your baby dust andsticy vibes or me..IUI tomorrow
  56. My coffee cup said it best "please play again"
  57. So it begins...again
  58. Accupuncture and Infertility
  59. and now for the 18 day wait.....
  61. Progesterone
  62. Almost here....
  63. Dizzy after IVF???
  64. Follow up with Dr. Martin
  65. If you have been successful with multiple IUI's
  66. Just starting IUI - cautiously optimistic.
  67. tired and sad
  68. Just feeling so frustrated. :( sad vent.
  69. I'm in so much pain right now....
  70. Any IVF suggestions???
  71. Feeling a bit discouraged
  72. Anyone else feel a twinge of sadness today?
  73. A video about struggling through IF.
  74. Well meaning comments sometimes sting.
  75. Infertility is TTC for more than a year and nada
  76. How do you deal with the overanalyzing?
  77. ta da!