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  1. Fed up..I'm not a step parent I'm a babysitter.
  2. blending children with different rules
  3. Gift for Mom
  4. Helplessness
  5. WWYD
  6. Vent!
  7. Case Conference Today
  8. DH Adopting DD?
  9. Meeting Mom
  10. Question about Financial Statements (court related)
  11. Advice!
  12. How to deal with a sensitive subject and DSD?
  13. Step Parent Meeting time/location.
  14. Anyone still interested in a Support Group?
  15. The "how to" process of step dad adopting child
  16. Hope it is okay to post here
  17. Transition Time
  18. If your parents were divorced...
  19. Custody Battle Stress
  20. stepfather vs. father
  21. FRO
  22. Really? You took them to the zoo TODAY?
  23. Step Parenting Pledge - LOVE IT! =)
  24. Anyone interested in starting a support group?
  25. Non-custodial parent visiting the child at school?
  26. Feeling Blah
  27. When the kids want to live with dad
  29. Feel so sad for DH :(
  30. Support for Step dad
  31. Need somoeone who has BTDT
  32. Constant reminders
  33. A little advice needed!
  34. Just settle already!
  35. Court Form Help
  36. Stepping on Toes?
  37. Our Trial starts tomorrow - wish us luck! *Update in OP*
  38. Need advice.........
  39. ***warning not a kid thread***Ruining Christmas
  40. How do you deal with it all?
  41. Enforcement
  42. Why does it have to be such a competition?
  43. My vent!
  44. For all those step-parents SO that went back to court....
  45. Asking Kids which parent they want to live with?
  46. How to reconcile different parenting styles?
  47. Discipline
  48. **WWYD LADIES*** I NEED your opinions
  49. Failing to Provide Tax Return
  50. sometimes he actually surprises me!
  51. She is going for full custody *Update in post 44*
  52. Heart Warming
  53. Court Tomorrow... Wish us luck *Update post 20*
  54. I found........................
  55. Defriended
  56. Just an ode to two great little kids I know...
  57. Not sure how to title this one...
  58. Child Support..
  59. Great way to start the new year
  60. Giving up? (sorry it's long) UPDATE POST 16
  61. Child Support Question? *update in OP*
  62. The Wedding
  63. the father, the gf and the ex
  64. Strangers calling you mom or dad......
  65. Your Ex's "Other Half"
  66. Pick up and drop off - who goes?!
  67. Access
  68. Do you pay for step childrens presents?
  69. Calling Step-parents Mom/Dad
  70. Blended families and holidays
  71. has anyone else had to deal with this?
  72. I'm very happy
  73. wants to be treated special
  74. Feeling Guilty
  75. What would you do.........
  76. not sure if this is the right place.... it's a long one.
  77. I'm just so sad......
  78. what happened???
  79. All I can do is cry
  80. Problems with my son
  81. Deciding to have another baby.
  82. Every other weekend siblings
  83. How would you handle?
  84. Frustrating!!!
  85. Step-parent ROLE call!