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    Default introducing new foods to baby with milk intolerance

    Hi! My DD has a sensitivity to dairy resulting in eczema - she has been practically rash-free since I eliminated all dairy from her diet. (yay!) She has a wee bit yet in the creases on her neck, but I'm hoping that this is just plain and simple drool rash. She MAY also be allergic to green peas. I haven't given them a second try to confirm it, as she did have a big flare-up last time (but later I realized it might also have been some milk chocolate I ate?)

    ANYhoo... I am actually asking about how careful to be with introducing new foods to her. I am doing the 4 day wait period, but do I seriously have to delay wheat till she's a year? Can't I try it and look for a reaction, just like anything else? What benefit is there to delaying introduction of wheat for her? Similarly corn, soy, peanuts, etc etc etc. I'm pretty sure her issue is dairy.

    I'm a little confused and dismayed by the information out there.

    What's the harm in giving her wheat at 9 months, and then waiting four days and seeing if she reacts?

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    I would have to do a proper assessment on her to make an accurate recommendation. I can say that in general, with babies who show strong signs of intolerance, introducing highly allergenic potential foods too early could pose a problem. I don't think there is anything wrong with “testing“ foods with any child using the 4 day rule and following rotation. Do what you feel is best in this situation and if you would like specific information in regards to her situation, an assessment would be needed. Thanks.
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    Any comments made on this forum are expressed as a personal opinion and comment. A full professional assessment is necessary to make proper recommendations specific to YOUR needs.

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