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    Default 3 stories in one, instead of 3 threads.

    storey #1

    15 year old LA boy shot in head twice by fellow 14 year old classmate due to 15 year old sexual orientation. the 15 year old was sent to hospital and declared brain dead by 2 nuerosurgans. Family keeps body on ventilators for organ use. 14 year old will not be tried as an adult, crown will have a chance to change judges decision.

    Story #2

    15 students on illinoise campus shot by gun man in lecture hall, no leads on to why he randomly picked that lecture hall, and randomly shot people. The shooter then shot and killed himself.

    Story #3

    Mt Brydges man hit by passanger train on way home from getting groceries, lights and bell working fine.

    I thought I would just share these because they stuck outthe most to me in the different papers I read. I dont know about anyone else on here, but do you think covereage of the first 2 stories are more damaging to the public then good doing? I understand we are creatures who need to learn and feel compassion for other when this sort of thing happens, but in the case of the second storey its making him famous..its giving him the glory of his name in ink for the world to read, and for others that have shared the same feeling as him someone else to look up to and maybe one day copy? Same with the 1st storey other kids might read that and see that he cant have his name printed and that he isnt going to get tried as an adult. therefore making it almost worth the crime?

    the last storey isnt a negative use of media I dont think, only because maybe people in small towns, and even the city can learn from this, and take better care around the train tracks, and parents can be more alert in teaching there children.
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    I can't get past the 'shot due to sexual orientation,' I'm sorry. I just can't bear to think that this is happening in our young people, the ones who are supposed to be growing up in a more tolerant society.

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    the train story isn't shocking as you hear/read about them and PPl still seem careless as to their presence. Trains kill it is that simple... and so sad that these accidents happen.

    the school shooting of 15...seems to be a regular happening.. by that i mean there have been quite a always amazes me that a suicidal person takes others -innocent- PPL with them... maybe to them it is because they were nobodies...-in their minds- as i am sure they were somebodies to someone. This is tricky as for glory you can't have it when your dead....awareness for students yes ...

    the first story -yes the little turd should be tried as an adult! I am so tired of bleeding hearts saying oh homelife/abuse at home/taught to hate/ this 14 year old didn't know shooting someone would potentially cause their death! -He saught the gun/ saught the 15 year old/ knowingly aimed and pulled the trigger on this boy -why doesn't matter-sexual orientation -pathetic off to jail bye bye..he can do time in young offenders room and board until he is 18 then move his butt to the big house where murders are...cause thats what he is!! I think in this case the public should be aware of potential re-offenders AND that laws are not stiff enough and the age for adult crime should be lowered to meet with the change in crimes and serious crimes at that.
    awareness is good for the public

    I worked with young offenders and let me tell you some very serious faulty thinkers...and yes they know their rights and how far to go to get what...they are anything but naive or misunderstood!!
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    I agree - try the 14 year old as an adult. It's very disturbing to think of the motive and clearly he knew the consequences of his actions.

    The shooter on the Illinois campus was a shock - decent kid who got along well enough, but had stopped taking his meds and went through erratic behaviour changes.

    I learned a lesson regarding trains some years ago - had the radio on top volume, singing away to something I liked and didn't see the lights at the crossing. My passenger saw the train coming up fast and yelled at me in time.
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