I help parents figure out the best way to respond to their child's misbehaviours in hopes of reducing the probability of the behaviour being repeated. At the same time we want to respond to the child's appropriate behaviour in such a manner as to increase the probability of it being repeated.
All children misbehave (it's part of their job description). A caregiver's response to an inappropriate behaviour is one of the most significant factors in determining whether the behaviour will be repeated.
A behaviourist believes that if an individual performs a certain behaviour over and over (examples - swearing, temper tantrums, lying, etc.) somehow that behaviour is being reinforced. People do not do behaviours over and over unless they are getting something out of it.
I teach parents how to determine what is behind the child's behaviour and most importantly, what they can do about it.
"What parents need most are ideas because with ideas we get options" . Rick Harper has been providing ideas to parents for over 40 years.