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    Thumbs up Best service ever!!

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank a certain service coordinator who works out of the London child's hospital. Lynn if you get to read this and i hope you do i want to let you know yet again and let other parents who are involved with the child center that Lynn has and still is one of the unique employees who work for the child center.
    She has helped our family out in so sooooo many ways with different funding and has helped me personally with my child.
    This is a woman who deserves praise because not only dose she do her job so well but she gets involved with you to help you all the way Thur.
    If any of you other parents attend the child center and require help with funding i would suggest to ask for Lynn, sorry Lynn i know your plates full..
    To make a long story short my son required botox injections for his legs and i was told about 1300 dollars would be my cost, i ended up getting Lynn who found all the funding my child should of had from years ago such as ACSD, Easter seals, and government funding that my child should of been enrolled in 8 years ago when he was a patient of bloor view, not to bash bloor view but London is soooooo much better.
    As the paper work finished i was waiting many weeks for his botox apt, i called Lynn and decided to ask her, out of her way she got the ball rolling and by the end of the day i got a call with a apt.
    This was totally outta her realm but she did it anyways and i thank her so much from the bottom of my heart for the customer service and dedication she has shown our family.

    Thank you Lynn!!

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    So great to hear a warm fuzzy story about someone who goes out of their way to help others... glad he is now getting the help and service he needs...there are angels among us who occasional flap their wings for us! Thanks for sharing your story!

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    She sounds like a very helpful and wonderful person. Kudos to her for all that she has done for you and your family.
    Your life is a result of the choices you make, if you don't like your life it's time to start making better choices.

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    Yea this lady is a dying breed in this case, i dont like to bash workers in the health care sector but it has gotton very bad and this lady lynn has giving me hope to hold onto.

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    How wonderful!

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    Good to hear!!!

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