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    I am wondering that the current commission rates are for Strathroy.

    Also, would buying and selling with the same Realtor be a benefit or no - I am wondering if we offered to buy and sell with the same guy if he'd reduce the commission. We've already paid 20K in commission fees in the last 3 years with buying/selling and we're hot on a house right now. I'd go ComFree but those houses are sitting on the slow market up to 90 days, and doubtful the house we want will have a 90 day closing. Or is that too much of a conflict of interest to use the same person.

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    The common commission paid would be 5% but can vary by agents and the total dollar amounts of the transactions. This amount could be negotiated with your agent if you are doing more than 1 transactions.

    In my opinion it is always best to obtain your own agent, who will work in your best interest to buy and sell a home. I know I will (and I believe that most other agents do as well) reduce the commission they will charge if they are doing more than one transaction with their clients.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.
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