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    Default Anyone need a Stroller? GRACO

    I am doing some long over due clearing out of our baby stuff...

    I have a Graco Stroller it does have a car seat and base with it but the manufacture date is Sept. 2005. Not sure about the expiration date on it...I looked on the mto site and found this.....

    "Check your child car seat for an expiry date. Some manufacturers indicate an expiry date in the instruction booklet or on the child car safety seat. If there is no expiry date, do not use a seat that is older than 10 years from the date of manufacture."

    I remember hearing somewhere that it was 6 years, I get confused about the expiration dates. Either way, there is still some life in it.

    Feel free to take it as a set or just the stroller, I want it gone. I am going to take it and donate it tomorrow but thought I'd let you all know first.

    It's Gray and Black.
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    i dont need it but i wanted to say that i use expired car seats as places to put my babe down around my house IYKWIM? like i have one in my bathroom so i can pee and one in my basement so i can do laundry.

    just a thought...
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