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Thread: Twin Names

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    My triplets are Sarah Jocelyn, Valerie Nicole, and Madeleine Elise. I really tried to keep them distinct. I joined a Parents of Multiples club when I was 6 months pregnant and the topic of names often came up. Even though my girls are fraternal some people mixed them up.
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    I think they are too close for twins (unless you are planning to call Alexis Lexi). But that is just my personal preference. If you like it then who cares what others think. People make name comments but then when they see those cute little faces the name wont mean anything - they will just love the child.
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    Our girls are Isabelle and Abigail I thought it was nice the names sound nothing alike, but here in the house, they will always be called by their “twin“ names..Izzy and Abby.

    We have a Mya and a Maddie and get them mixed up all the time.
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    I have to go with Alexis as that is my DD's name although we call her Lexie most of the time. I really like the names Adelle and Addison, Audry is really cute too!
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    Names are great! I almost named Valaree Kezia instead, then it would have been Kadence and it is...Kadence and Valaree is a big enough mouthful for me...i found a bunch of articles that dealt with giving twin's their own identity and how names with the same letter, or names that sounded the same made things confusing for everyong (which i totally agree with) i have a friend with twin boys...Owen and Ian...OY!

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