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    Default Need T-Shirt w/print prices

    So, if this is in the wrong section, please move it.

    We were supposed to get prices for ball shirts from one of our team members but they've seem to "drop the ball" so to speak. I need prices for a one colour emblem on the front and numbers and names on the back. And a seperate price for a three colour emblem with one colour numbers and letters on the back. We have the front art done but we need prices for the shirts to be made. And if we have to buy the shirts ourselves or if they'll be included in the price.

    TIA for all your help!

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    I don't know what sizes, etc. you're looking for, but we just used to order a single t-shirt. They seem to have some logo options. It's just a place to look.

    I also have an ad for a local company called Fill in the blanks and it says they customize blank clothing. Their website is
    Avon Rep in Whitehills.
    If I can walk to your place, I'll be glad to bring around a brochure. Send me a message.

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