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    Default What is the role of the EA in the classroom??

    Ds is on prescription meds for impetigo. He only has one more day of the meds. I sent the meds to school with a note asking them to give him the meds at 1:00pm. I got a letter back from the EA in the classroom stating that they gave him the meds today, but I need a note from the doctor specifically to give any prescription meds. Fine, I get that. Unfortunately the EA couldn't count, because she asked me to give him the meds only at home, since he only needs to take them every six hours. He is on the bus at 8:20am and doesn't get home until 4:00pm. My friend's son is in the same class and the EA called her to come get him today because he was sick. We got progress report things a few weeks ago and it turns out that 1/2 the class was marked by the EA in the room. I thought EA's were brought in to assist children with special needs or special learning difficulties, none of which my son or my friend's son have. What is the specific role of an EA in a classroom??
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    the EA is right about meds there is a special form the doc has to fill out for meds.

    the role is to help in the classroom with the students and help the teacher

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    I actually went to collage for EA.

    They can have different roles. The meds thing an EA should be able to do (with the proper paper work done) as that can be part of a job description. But there are different types of EAs and different levels (the pay depends on what the duties are and what type they were hired as).
    However if a class has too many kids (I believe more then 18 in a JK class, 24 in a primary class, but don't quote me on that) a teachers aid has to be in the room as well, but sometimes EA's take on this role. So as far as marking and report cards, depending on what the EA's role is this may be part of it.

    Sorry, that is very ague, and probably doesn't really help.

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