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    Default Rick Harper - Behavioral Management Systems

    Rick Harper of Behavioural Management Systems has been helping parents deal with their children’s behaviour issues for over 40 years.

    He has a background in education, working directly with children aged from preschool to 21 years. He is a professor in the Child and Youth Worker program at Fanshawe College and he serves as a trainer for a number of Children’s Aid Societies and agencies in Ontario.

    Rick and his wife Marlene have 2 grown children and are long time foster parents with the London and Middlesex CAS.

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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am a computer klutz and am just beginning to figure this London Moms thing out.
    Your questions is one that many moms of 16 year olds ask. I need a little bit more information:
    1. Is this a problem that just started or has it been going on for a long time?
    2. Are the noncompliances relatively minor in nature (example - “clean your room“, “take out the garbage“ or major things like breaking curfew, drugs, stealing, alcohol?
    3. Is he compliant with other people : example - dad, teachers, grandparents?

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