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Thread: Night weaning?

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    Default Night weaning?

    So any tips? DD#2 will be 2 in 2 weeks and I'm happy to let go of the 4:30am feeding! Other than dh going in are there any other tips?

    He works full time too so is not so helpful with the night wakings and since I"m up at 7 I just bring her into bed, nurse her and then take her back to her crib so I can get more sleep (takes maybe 20min?). I'm not looking to wean her, but I'd like to just have the bedtime nursing and maybe morning nursing.

    We're about to get her big bed and I'm wondering if that would be a good time to try and wean her? The problem is she wont' take any other comfort from me and she shares a room with her big sis so I can't just let her fuss for long.

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    What about doing it over a weekend so he is off? Like maybe May 2-4 weekend?
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