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    Quote Originally Posted by Leslie View Post
    The pins and bands were available by donation at the LM's booth this past weekend and will be available again next weekend at the Food festival so come see us!

    If we get enough people coming I'll set up my sign near a tree as a meeting place or something!

    It was beautiful today!
    That sounds great! Is the food festival at Victoria Park? I am just seeing this thread now so maybe I will make it out one Monday!
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    Hi Ladies,

    I am new to London Moms and I love the idea of getting together at the park. I did notice that this is an older post but curious if you still get together at Gibbons Park? My 16 month old son and I would love to join you all if this is still happening!!

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    Id like to join this too if ladies want to get it going if it isnt already this summer...

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    I would love to revive this if we could do it Fridays instead? I work full time the rest of the week...but have an almost 3 yr DD who would love to meet new friends and play with

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