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    I'm not a DCP, but if you were looking after my children, in this situation, I would be considering removing my child from your care if he was being repeatedly bitten.

    I would issue an ultimatum to the parents that there either needs to be a clear way forward and something you will all work on together for the biting by the end of this week, and they need to start respecting your HDC rules, or you will be giving notice to terminate their care. If you don't want to say it to their face, write a letter and give it to them on pick up. I would also mention that other parents (assuming there are some? If not, I'm a parent with a concern if you like) are becoming concerned for their own children, as this child is hurting them, and there is no plan in place to try and correct this behaviour.

    You have tried communicating with them, and they don't seem to care or respect what you do. It's awful that this child i not being helped with his feelings and behaviour, and, to be honest, I have alarm bells ringing from what you've said here. What does he see at home? Where did he get the idea of biting someone if they bug him? It almost sounds like it's encouraged by the father?
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    I don't know if they don't care. They are really easy going..Too much. The mom told me that he wants her to stay with her in the morning because he needs to be told what to do and how to do things and she can make decisions for him.

    We were just all coloring at the table and he starts coloring all over his hands and arms so I say, Let's keep the colors on the paper guys and she says, that's ok, he prefers to color his own body instead of any other medium. So now I have a child here covered head to toe in markers and stamps and she's all cool with it. Then of course everyone else wanted to do the same..

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    I would explain the “rules“ of your homecare. its not just one child you have to care for and the other parents might not have the same view on things. I think that you are not a good match. Its so weird hearing these stories because it reminds me EXACTLY of a child I had in licensed care. This child is much older now so definately not the same child. Good luck!

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    I completely agree with the above posters. I tell parents at the interview stage that I am here to protect ALL of the children in my care. That includes my sickness policy, behaviour policy, all regards to the safety of all of the children. I think you really have to stress this point to these parents. Hopefully the markers at home and daycare are non-toxic if the child is now covered with marker! Creativity is great and should be encouraged, but there are limits.

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    I am not a HDCP so please excuse my ignorance if I appear that way but I could not leave this thread without commenting.

    I think you are being taken advantage of. The father (maybe the mother too but I will just pick on him ) expects you to feed his child breakfast, shows up early and hangs out for a bit, picks him up late (I will give him that he asked first but still) and then has the balls to suggest you take the kids to the pool?!?!!

    Is he crazy?! I dont know how many kids you take care of on top of your own but I would NEVER take my girls alone to the pool let alone someone elses'. That would be a very stressful situation.

    He is treating you like a nanny or something and not respecting your business.

    On the biting issue - Miss K was bitten alot at the centre she was at and I realize this is normal behaviour for some children and as long as you are willing to work with the child then I dont think you should be blamed at all. I would be having a huge heart to heart with the parents of this DCK though and just mention that it is starting to cause problems with your other children. Even though I knew it was an accident Miss K was being bitten it was still a little frustrating to hear that she was “bitten by a friend today“ again.. ya know? No blame to you but they need to deal with this too.

    On the colouring thing - I agree with above poster. Creativity is great but unfortunately monkey see monkey do happens and I am sure other parents do not want their kids to be various colours at pick up

    I think a serious talk is in order with this DCK's parents. I would explain to them (maybe even type them out) the rules and the structure of your business. If they choose to stay great, if not then maybe that is best FOR YOU if they leave. If you dont want to talk to them in person yet, maybe type up a nice little business hours sign and post it somewhere along with a nice little rules thing somewhere they can see it.

    Sounds like a real headache
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    Bites are a health issue - too many infections can spread this way! You HAVE TO nip this in the bud, not just for the health and safety of your kids and the kids in your care, but for your business too. Give them notice of withdrawal. Too many red flags.

    Also, they can't just show up an hour early. No centre would allow that. Don't allow them entry to your home. Make them wait in their car until you start your business hours. That's what they would have to do at a centre.

    Good luck!

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