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    I feel like I'm going to blow my top lately! Austin screams before sleep most times and won't sleep for longer than a 1/2 hour during the day. Aidan is so needy and constantly on me or pulling me or yelling. I can't get a moment's peace seriously.
    My hubby wants to know what happened to the old me and says he misses me!
    I just feel like I need a way to deal with the stress of it all better. I don't think I have postpartum, I think I am just stressed to the max, irritable and tired. I just want to feel better and stop taking it all out on my spouse.
    Are there any resources to help? A book, workshop, technique?? How do you destress?

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    I am sorry you are feeling so stressed. Mine are 21 months apart and I know how hard it is

    You should start by mabe getting assessed by your family Dr., midwife or have a home visit from a PHN to see if they feel you could be suffering from ppd. There are varying degrees of severity of ppd.

    Anyhow, if it is just the stress of dealing with everything you could try getting more uninterrupted sleep if possible, exercise (a brisk 30 minute walk 3-5 times a week works wonders, supplements are really helpful for some such as omega fatty acids, the b vitamins are supposed to help with stress but a pharmacist can suggest what to try taking.

    I had mild/moderate ppd after both of my kids and it sucked. I find talking about it with other women who are also suffering or who have gone through the same thing helped me immensely. Taking time for myself when I could was helpful. Sometimes just taking a deep breath and realizing I could choose to take that next step (like screaming at the kids) but I chose not too...not every time mind you but sometimes it did help. Don't forget the post partum drop in at the MAC building on Oxford St. every Thurs. afternoon.

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    I should also mention, your Dr. should check to make sure it isn't thyroid related. It can mimic the symptoms of ppd I have been told.

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    If you are concerned about PP I would make an appt with your doc just incase, it never hurts to get checked!

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    i was the same way when I had my 1st baby...he would just cry and never slept. I remember just sitting on the stairs crying from the stress. I ended up going to my doctor and went on anxiety medication. I still take it daily and it has been such a big help! There are many days (like today) where i am super grumpy and stressed due to no sleep (actually 2 days of no sleep right now) and the meds don't work, but...i just try to remain calm. I think you should go to your doctor and discuss what you are going through, everyone is so different,you may not have anxiety like me but, there are great books out there and other ways to deal with stress. All i know, for me, is that i have had anxiety as long as i can remember but, when i had my 1st baby...i finally noticed how miserable i was and how it affected not only me but my baby and family. The change is so dramatic in me that my family and friends were shocked, and i feel i am a better mom. Talking about it helps, you are not alone....all my mom friends are going through this...maybe not the anxiety i have...but, alot of stress. I know it takes a strain on relationships...but, with all the resources and things to do to de-stress (yoga,walks,meditation,eating healthy) and talking to a doctor or others in the same situation you will get through it and find what works for you.

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