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    Default LM's button for your Blog

    Hey! Show your support for LM's by putting a LM's button on your blog. Here's how you do it on blogger:

    1. Save the LM's picture to your hard drive
    2. Open your Blog or dashboard
    3. Find DESIGN and open that
    4. Find where it says ADD A GADGET and open that
    5. Scroll down the list to find PICTURE and open
    6. Where it says IMAGE, click From Your Computer and then CHOOSE FILE
    7. Find the picture from where you saved it on your hard drive.
    8. Clear the box that says LINK and paste this in the box:
    9. Click the orange SAVE button.
    10. Move the picture to where you want it while still in edit mode.
    11. Click PREVIEW to make sure it's where you want it
    12. click the orange SAVE button and you're done!

    (thank you Shelley!)
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