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    Thanks for sharing.
    DS is starting to pick up some words reading now too, it's pretty neat to watch. And I'll hear him trying to sound stuff out to figure out what it says. He's quite confused at the “ph“ sounds like “f“ though, lol!
    I've been reading some Charlotte Mason books and I think it's interesting how it talks about 'living books' as opposed to 'readers' they will learn to read by reading things they enjoy, not things that are created to teach kids how to read, kwim? And it suggests reading books that are longer too, so instead of me reading just a bunch of books geared toward 5 year olds, pick up a really great story that might be for older kids/adults, but read it anyway just because it's a great story. Not sure that I'm making sense, but I found it interesting.

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    How did I miss this thread? So glad to hear you are seeing some tangible results as reward for all your patient waiting and trusting, DM!

    I'll share too. My ten yr old son has for the last two years been absolutely enamoured of Youtube. I've been really uncomfortable with it, not really over content, since I know I can trust him to regulate that and also that his older siblings keep an eye on it, (and of course me!)but more over the time he was spending on it.

    But for last while, I've noticed when we talk about what he's working on - like it was bugs for a while, and also different exotic pets - he is a walking encyclopedia of information. About everything - what they eat, where they live, how they are unique, their breeding habits, their relationships to eachother - everything! He was learning so much other stuff from this obsession with bugs/pets about geography and biology and chemistry! Like, he'd want to understand more abut what he was seeing on youtube, or by extension reading from library books that he'd delve further into these other subjects by choice. Like really delve

    So yeah, no matter how many times you see it happen, its always amazing when after a period where it seems nothing is happening and you are fretting they will live at home forever, suddenly you realize what was happening all along. For me, I know thats my bias showing. I *still* deep down believe learning looks a certain way, until my kids prove otherwise. Again.
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