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    Default developmental guidelines

    Is there somewhere I can look to see what is developmentally appropriate in terms of learning expectations for kids? I recognize that kids learn at their own speed, but is there some sort of guideline that might help me to know whether or not DS is being challenged enough? Or something along those lines? Thanks.

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    IIRC, your son is kindy-aged (JK? SK?), right? I like this webpage for that age demographic; it has a lot of information about appropriate developmental expectations for early childhood: - Preschool and kindergarten learning activities.

    But the best indication of what's developmentally appropriate your child and if he's being "challenged" to a suitable level for him is your child himself. Children vary so much! Especially in the early years. There's a huge range of "normal" in what children are ready for and when, so the best way to know what he's ready for is by listening to, knowing, and working with your child as an individual, rather than following a set of guidelines.
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