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    Default Seeing picture thumbnails as pictures...??

    I'm not sure I will be able to ask this question properly! Sorry!

    When I open up my pictures I see these thumbnails but they aren't the actual picture so I always have to click on each one unless I know exactly what I named it. It's so time consuming and it never used to be like this so is there any way I can get it back to the way it was? I hasn't always been like this on this computer.


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    Default Solution en route

    If you issue is that all the pictures display with the same default icon (a picture of a lake with mountain and blue sky) instead of a preview of the actual picture. There is a solution!

    XP: Open up the Pictures folder from Start menu. On the blue task bar of the window, click on Organize. Click on folder options. Then, click on the View tab. Uncheck the checkbox that says “Always show icons, never thumbnails.“

    Vista or 7: Open up the folder. Under the arrow button (in the corner), click on Organize. Click on “Folder and Search“ options. Then, click on the View tab. Uncheck the checkbox that says “Always show icons, never thumbnails.“

    That should do the trick.
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