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    Default How to recover stored data from a non-functioning laptop?


    I did not save my photos and document on an alternate drive and when my laptop said goodbye to this world, I regretted not saving them elsewhere.

    The problem with the laptop is that the screen has died. I have tried connecting the laptop to another monitor but for some reason it would not work.

    How would I go about recovering my data from the laptop?

    What is the approximate cost of such a procedure?

    thank you!!

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    Hey Lacuna,

    If you are sure that the monitor doesn't work and the only value left in it is the data in the harddrive, then you can go to any computer store and they can get the data off of the harddrive. But since the harddrive is fully functioning, I would suggest to go to a store like Canada Computers and purchase a 2.5 inch external harddrive casing. (2.5 inches is the size of Harddrive in a laptop).

    Then go to any computer store and ask them if they could remove the Harddrive from your laptop and insert it into the harddrive casing. Once that is done then you can feel free to connect it to any other of your computers and browse through the old windows file till you find your old data.

    If you need more details, feel free to send me a PM!

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