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Thread: T22 A or T22 B

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    Default T22 A or T22 B

    Dh is wondering about claming gas expenses when he does his tax return this year. He thinks the form is a T22 A or B that is filled out. But he isn't sure. He lives in one city and works in another city everyday. He is wondering if he can write off his gas for commuting?

    Where would we be able to find information out on this? What would he need to submit this year. Or is it just based on distance from A to B and a average accumulated?


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    Hi there,

    As an employee, the only way to claim mileage/gas/car expenses is if your employer fills out and gives you a T2200 form. Without this form, which certifies that you had to travel from place to place for work, you can't claim the amounts since they're considered personal. Only the employer can complete and sign the form.

    Travelling to and from work is considered a personal expense - unless you stop at a client location along the way and then the mileage from the client's location to your regular place of work would be deductible .... so long as your employer has provided you with a T2200 form.

    I'm not 100% clear based on your post if his regular location is in one city and his client's are in another? If this is the case his employer shouldn't have a problem filling out the form. If the commuting is simply because you choose to live in City A and work in City B - then you're out of luck with claiming the costs.

    Let me know if your hubby gets the T2200 and I can walk you through where to claim what and what to include/exclude.

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