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    Default 7 month old hasn't seen daddy since 7 weeks old

    My partner minorly assaulted me and was arrested. He hasn't seen his daughter since she was 7 weeks old and she is now 7 months old. He will start seeing her soon but I am requesting that I be there for the first few visits since he is a stranger to her. I'm wondering how many times it may take for her to establish a bond with him (infant attachment), how frequently we should visit, and for how long. She is solely breastfeeding right now and I'm her primary caregiver (her mom-who she is 'attached' to).

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    Hi wendy9995, time and positive experiences will help build a bond between your daughter and her father. It will be much easier on her for you to be present the first few times, to comfort her and help her build some trust in him.
    In terms of how long it will take, there are many variables. Her temperament, how quickly she warms to new people and situations, and how good she feels in the situation will impact how quickly the bond develops. You can help her feel good in the situation by making sure she is well rested and fed. She will sense if you are tense (which would be perfectly normal!), so try to be aware for being as relaxed as you can.
    Your baby has a short memory, and you don't want to start from the beginning at each meeting. Try to meet at least once a week, and have some predictability to the situation, so your baby starts to know what to expect. When your baby starts to express joy and excitement in the situation, she may be ready for you to start to pull back.
    I hope this information helps you. All the best as you move forward.
    Yours truly,

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