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    If the principal isnt doing anything, contact the super intendendant. Something needs to be done.
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    Just for the record, even the Letter of Intent isn't a legal requisite to homeschool. It's Ministry policy, not law, and you're not legally bound by it as a requirement to home-educate your child(ren). It's just a way to let the school and school board know that your son isn't truant, and to keep them from bugging you, basically. But the only requirement by law for you to keep your child out of school is that you're ensuring that his learning needs (however you and he choose to define that) are being provided for and nurtured outside of school (legally worded as “the person is receiving satisfactory instruction at home or elsewhere“ -- and 'satisfactory instruction' is left undefined and up for you to determine for yourselves). All that you are legally required to do in order to homeschool your child is, well, homeschool your child. Basically, don't educationally neglect or oppress him, and you're all good, as far as the actual requirements under law.

    Of course, it's still best to send the letter when pulling him, to prevent hassles, but the point is even that bit of paperwork needn't be restrictive or hold you back. You could walk into the school (or call in, if he's not at school at the moment), pull your kid that instant, and just tell them verbally, “I'm pulling him out and homeschooling him. My letter of intent will be in the mail,“ and start homeschooling (that is, having him excused from compulsory attendance at school) immediately, and then send in the letter of intent afterwards.
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    That really sucks, sorry your son has to deal with this

    You can check out the curriculum online...
    Elementary Curriculum
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