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    Question gadgets for running?

    I did a search and browsed through some of the running threads on here but wanted to throw this out there since there seems to be a fairly large community of runners on here

    I'm a bit of a gadget geek, and was thinking about getting something set up for running. Currently I use my iPod Nano (it's an older one) except my kids wrecked my headphones so I need to get new ones.

    I also will manually add my runs to daily mile after completing if I remember. The thing is that I don't tend to wear a watch or HRM so really, I just log my distance not my time.

    I went through a phase where I used an app on my blackberry that used GPS to track my runs. But the website associated with it kinda sucked compared to daily mile or what I have seen of Nike+. And my blackberry battery is really crappy, and I don't like taking it with me because hearing texts and calls coming in isn't exactly nice when you are trying to relax and run.

    So, I'm thinking about either:

    a) getting an iPhone or iTouch and nike+.
    Pros- music and can track my runs. I could also use a GPS enabled app to track my runs.
    Cons- Pretty big to run with (almost all of my run clothing has appropriate pockets though, so I wouldn't have to arm-band it). My runners are Asics so I would need to get something to go on my laces I think.

    b) getting one of those nifty Garmin GPS enabled tracker things. I know very little about these except that they can sync with daily mile and any serious running friends I have seem to swear by them.
    cons- would still need a seperate MP3 player as I do like to have music. I don't think this will do anything indoors.

    c) IDK- suggest something

    This will be my preward for training for and completing a 1/2 marathon this year. The goal is set, and I find prewards more effective than rewards. LOL

    It would be good to have indoor use options- I do run on my treadmill and interval training options.

    So give me the goods, what do you use? Why? Where do I shop for these? Any deals out there?


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    doulamom has a garmin and I think she really likes it, but she is away, back next week. bump this for her.
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