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Thread: sewing question

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    Talking sewing question

    Hey ladies,

    Just curious what type of machine you have.
    I have a white that i bought umm 12/13 yrs ago.
    I have seen some low end machines..or cheap machines that seem to have more going on then mine.
    Which is funny cause mine wasn't cheap when i bought it... but time has passed.

    So what typr do you have or what type have you heard is awesome to work with and not so good?
    I'm starting to look at them again and thought I would pick up some more tips.

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    I have a crap ass Singer that was given to me when my MIL bought herself a nice Janome. I hate that thing, I'll be replacing it with something as soon as my sewing stuff gets moved to it's own room.

    I also have a White serger which is ok. It's not the best, but I got a really good deal on it.
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