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    Default not sure anymore

    So I'm all set to send this 'intent to homeschool' letter off on Thursday, but I'm not sure this is the right thing to do! I would really like some advice from the homeschooling mamas on here.

    The main thing that is causing me to doubt this decision is finances. I don't know how I'm going to make it work. Obviously I'm going to have to bring in an income somehow, and without the 'free childcare' that public education offers, I will have to pay a babysitter if I'm going out to work. And after that cost, I don't imagine there will be much left to live off. And I don't want him to spend the entire day with a babysitter any more than I want him to spend the day at school! I just don't know what to do. I'm going to have student loan payments coming due in October on top of all the other expenses I have. I really don't want to leave DS in school just because it's a more financially viable option, but I don't want to risk going broke either.

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    My kids are back in school because financially it wasn't working for us. I know a couple of other mamas in the same boat. Sometimes you're just stuck between a rock and a hard place. If it was up to me I'd take them back out (only one would come willingly!).

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    Re OSAP, you can defer your payments or have them reduced if you are low income and I highly recommend doing that! Stay on top of it, don't go into default, is the way to deal with them.

    No idea on the homeschooling tho, good luck!

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    Your concerns are totally understandable. Honestly, I would find a way to make it work before you get started. You may be able to find a homeschooler who is willing to trade care with you, there are definitely other families/moms in the same boat.

    In order for homeschooling to work you will need a good community around you. Many hs'ing families have to be very creative with how they spend their days in order to bring in the funds, it is possible but I think really evaluating things before you get started is a good idea.

    What kind of work do you do?

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    If you do a yahoo groups search there are groups dedicated for working/student parents. They might be able to give you advice.
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