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    Default My back has quit, what do i do?

    So I helped the SK classes go skating a few times the last few weeks. I didnt skate, I shuffled around on the ice in my boots. Since then my back has gotten worse and worse. Its my lower back, almost in the area where i had my epidurals with my pregnancies. I have been going to a chiropractor up until Christmas and havent been since as money is an issue. I had x-rays when i first started at the chiropractor, and was told I have a deteriorating disc in my lower spine. Last night, I couldnt move at all...I have the worst pain in my lower back and it goes down my legs like electric shocks. I can't sit, stand or lie down without being in enough pain I cry. Do I go to the doctor, chiropractor, emerg? I tried tylenol, midol, heat packs, ice packs....ive tried stretching and hot showers.....what do you suggest. My sister in law says is sound like a herniated disc.

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    hi there- well one thing in your description would be to be aware of cauda equina ( tell tale sign is problems with the washroom) this is an emergency situation and needs to be addressed immediately. However a herniated disc has many presentations ( 33% of the population walk around with one and have NO symptoms). A herniated disc will have muscle and sensory involvement and may have pain. A thorough history is required to rule out other involvements. Chiropractic care can assist but i recognize the cost.
    hope that helps.

    Dr. Laura
    Dr. Laura
    The advice i give is not meant as solicitation from any current chiropractor. Obviously a full exam is warranted to give full and complete diagnosis. The information I give is just meant as a guide

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