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Thread: Ear Piercing

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    I think you have to wait until they are 2 mths old. if I recall even at 2mths I had hard hard time finding someone to do her but Mappins in White Oaks did it as long as she has 1st shots done. P.s. My daughter cried for maybe 20 secs and I am pretty sure it was from the sound. Oh they also did both ears at once. It was easy and my 2 yr old loves them now!

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    Man, I wish I had the guts to do the piercings!
    I tossed it around and decided I couldn't cause my baby any pain! LOL, seriously, I really wanted to do it...but now it is too late. Before, I waited until my first DD could tell me she wanted them. (7 years old)

    I haven't heard of anything bad going on with my friends who have done it with their babies, all healed, all babies are happy.

    Claire's in Masonville does it with two people, two guns, you just call and make an appointment. (Which is great, because then there is no wait.)

    Good luck!
    Mommy to two beautiful girls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toystorymama View Post
    Oh I would be one of those people. I used a gun on my daughter's ears. Heck I pierced her ears. Granted I knew how to do it, but I used a gun. They are regulated by the health department and have regular inspections. If they were that bad, then they would be banned. I know you are just trying to help and I think its fine that you want to “educate“ people, but don't assume we are all clueless.
    can you give me store name and full address?


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