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    Default Is it lost forever

    I have been keeping track of the library books my dd has borrowed (just on notepad) and saving it on a disc. (3 1/2) I can no longer access the file. I have other things on the disc that I can open, but it won't open the library books file. (it's as though it keeps searching for the file)
    Is it lost forever, or is there some way I can still get it??

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    Notepad documents tend to get corrupt over time. Which is why it is always nice to keep regular backups of all your data, pictures, and so on.

    Another issue that it could be is that you sections of your 3 1/2 inch floppy disks are starting to get old and fail. If some sections of that file are on one of these damaged sectors, it will be difficult to recover it.

    However, there are some tools that you could use. Could you let me know what error message (if any) it displays?
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