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    Default Every one step forward, my kids send me back 5!

    I am feeling very stressed out this afternoon. I have so much cleaning and organizing to do. I am not done shopping. Hope to get that done tomorrow before work. I clean one room and the kids mostly DS2 and DD wreck/dump whatever every other room. My head is pounding today. I also have to do a big grocery shopping trip on the 24th.

    The amount of times I hear my kids screaming in a day, because one wants to help another and the other doesn't want to help. Drives me insane.

    Dh is going out tonight afterwork to do "his" shopping so he won't even be around to help me keep the kids occupied so I can get anything accomplished.

    I also have to find time to wrap. I haven't wrapped a thing. I work tomorrow night 3-11 and its normal for me to wrap christmas eve after the kids go to bed. But this year I am working 11pm-7am.

    I have all these people who say that will entertain my kids for a few hours so I can get stuff done. But when I mention that I would actually like to take them up on this...They are suddenly to busy.

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    I'm with you! Kids were all sick last week and I got behind on dishes/laundry/general cleaning. Now I'm trying to catch up and get this house clean for Christmas and everytime I turn around the kids have undone all my hard work. They are fighting over toys and whining...finally had enough and told them the next person who fights/whines can take a present from under the tree and put it in a garbage bag to go to children in Haiti...(not sure I could actually follow through if toys end up in the bag) but its worked so far. Also borrowed a ton of movies from the library and plan on zombifying the kids in front of the tv while i catch up on dishes and clean the kitchen!

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    oh man that would be really frustratng!
    jennifer mommy to 4 amazing kids!

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    I read your post and thought of this song

    Trace Adkins - You're Gonna Miss This (Official Music Video)#

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