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    Default Kobo E-reader and Library

    Can anyone with a Kobo E-reader explain to me how I get the e-books from the library online to my Kobo?

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    Default Using Kobo eReader

    First of all I must say congrats on using a Canadian eReader!

    The answer to your question would be the Kobo desktop application. (Available here, The Kobo Desktop App).
    This program allows you to read, manage your library and devices, and even shop for eBooks directly from your computer or laptop.

    Think of it like your iTunes for Books. The Kobo Desktop App offers you the same benefits a personalized, secure and central location to manage all your eBook content. Simply load your books into the desktop application (from the online store or other sources), plug in your eReader and they will sync.

    Feel free to ask me if you have any other questions that I could help you with!

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