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    Default What improvements are important before listing?

    Are there some improvements that are essential to complete before listing? We have a 5-year-old home so there's not a lot that would need to be done, but I could be wrong. What should we tackle before listing or contacting a Realtor?

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    There are many things that can be done prior to contacting a Realtor. In a newer home there shouldn't be a lot to do as all of the big ticket items should typically be in good condition.

    A couple of the big ones are decluttering your home. Depending on the condition of the paint doing either touch ups or repainting is also important.

    I have previously written an article on quick tips to get your home ready for sale. You can check it out at: Real Estate Class | Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Quick Sale

    If you are thinking of major improvements/renovations I would recommend speaking to an agent and having them view your home prior to starting any specific project.

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