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    Default night sweats and night nursing

    I stopped night nursing my 26 mth oldold last thursday and the past two nights (a week into the no night nursing routine) I am experiencing night sweats. I anticipate that this is related - anyone know.

    I only started menstruating a couple of mths ago and my cycles are still irregular - I just figure it's my hormones leveling out to their new normal?
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    When I stopped nursing my two I never got night sweats. Lately I have been getting them, but I haven't been nursing now for about a year. I'm relating mine to the weather and my body getting used to it..

    I'm not sure if that is helpful to you at all.. but I don't think that weaning a nursing babe would cause night sweats.

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    I have never got them when i wean, more so after a babe. (within 4-6 weeks post partum)

    Have you changed matresses? I got them when we got new matresses, i thought too it was hormones, but we took our 'vinyl' cover protector off and I'm good now.
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    When there is a change in the weather I seem to get the night sweats, I throw all the covers off and then wake up shivering... eww it is a yucky way to sleep/wake. I'm hoping it stops any time now

    I did not get them when I weaned.

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    Yup, totally could be related! Starting to breastfeeding can cause night sweatings, so I'm guessing that stopping could too.

    All those darn hormones!

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