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    Default ugh, schedule mix up

    Martyn's schedule has been completely thrown off since he was in hospital.

    He was STTN, and having a beautiful three hour nap in the afternoons. (All of his own doing. lol yes, i was SO blessed lol)

    Now he's up at least 2x (at the times they came in and did vitals) and no more nap.

    He's so OVER tired right now. I've swaddle, I've boobed him, I've stuck a soother in there, boobed him some more.... just when he starts to fall asleep he changes his mind and starts screaming at me, then laughs.

    ugh, no real point. I know he'll eventually sort himself out, but man, I miss his routine!

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    oh that burns! hopefully he gets back on track soon
    tough times don't last but tough people do

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    That sucks, I just wish Neely would get on any sort of routine.

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