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    Default He doesn't need me anymore!

    I am almost out of this section - about 2 weeks!
    In the past couple of days, he has not wanted to play with me as much - it is sad. Soon I'll be back at work =(
    At church last Sunday I dropped him off at nursery - and he cried. So at the end of the service I was so excited to gete him and ran in with arms spread - "Mommy's here!!!". He barely glanced my way before going back to playing. He used to crawl as fast as he could to meet me.
    I'm glad he's developing, but I FINALLY understand how people could miss the baby years.

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    Aww! That's hard for mama but you have given a great start to being a confident secure little person!
    Great job!
    Mommy to 3 great boys!!

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    Aww hugs! He'll always need you!

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