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    Default For all those step-parents SO that went back to court....

    So DH gave DSS mother a letter Friday (well technically gave it to her parents since she's never around for pick up or drop off) explaining to her what he would like to see changed in the court order that has been in place since DSS was 3 (he's now 6). He's done this as a formailty since he knows she won't agree considering she'd rather he sign over his rights to her dad (don't get me started). So he's going to start working on what he needs to fill out for court so when enough time lapses he can serve her (he gave her the letter so he can say he has tried to communicate outside of court) but he has some questions about forms to fill he asked me if I wouldn't mind asking my "cult" friends on LM's for help. Anyone who has expeience with changing access in court orders please PM me and I will explain further...

    TIA...and yes you read that right DH thinks LM's is a time away from him you know....lmao

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    I like that we are a cult... I always wanted to belong to something LOL

    Sorry I have no experience but I am sure you will find many BTDT stories!
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    We just did most of our court papers ourselves. We made it as far as the step before trial before getting a lawyer, so I did LOTS of paperwork on my own.
    PM me if you have any questions!

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