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    Default Cheap Halloween Costumes

    I was just at Westmount buying costumes for dress up (Christmas gifts!). Sears had them 75% off and had tons of boyish costumes like Ninja's and I don't know what because they didn't interest me! Some girls and some smaller stuff. Zellers had them 50% off, had tons there but I overheard them talking about clearing most of them away really soon. Lots of everything there, boy, girl, baby, adult, etc.

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    RCSS had adult and kids ones too for 75% off..

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    Walmart has all their Halloween stuff on at 50% off. Got some costumes and decorations for next year.

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    I got two Disney Princess dresses (Cinderella and Belle) for $5 each at Zellers for a Christmas present. Super awesome deal!
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