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    Well.....I am officially a SAHM more paychecks for me Took a look at my finances the other night, and I am definately going to need to be more frugal when it comes to the food budget around here. I am hoping some of you meal planners might post your weekly plan here to give me some ideas.

    Currently, I have 4 full chickens, ground pork, ribs, and some deer meat in the deep freeze. I also have lots of dried beens and pastas to work with. We are definately meat eaters here, DH loves salads.....the kids are picky.....I love pasta

    I also like to cook things that can be used in multiple the left over chicken into fajitas the next night etc.....

    Can you help me out? TIA
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    Well I do things like cook extra ground for spagetti or pasta casserole and the other for sheppards pie.....which u make extra mashed potatoes for tho freeze for a side later!
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    I try and meal plan...some weeks I'm right on it...others not so much!
    I really like the kraft canada website. They have some easy and quick and yummy meals. They also have a section that is “one bag five meals“. It gives you the menu, recipes and gocery list.

    1 bag, 5 dinners

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