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    This quilt will be for use I think. I found a quilt that I like, but I don' tknow if I would be able to do it with these outfits, not enough similar material to make it cohesive looking. I thought about using an outfit for the bigger squares, so they would all be different, then perhaps using solid colours for the smaller squares. Would that look okay?
    Just a thought...if you want to do a rag quilt I'm not so sure how well it would work without flannels. I've only made them with flannel, but I don't think other materials would "rag" very well (someone correct me if I'm wrong). You might be better off doing a regular quilt with the same pattern.

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    I did read that flannel frays the best for this quilt, she used flannel batting for the layer inbetween, but says use flannel in all three layers for a softer is quote.

    "My rag quilt patches are sandwiched with flannel batting. Flannel is soft and frays nicely along seam edges. It stays intact so there's no need for quilting stitches. Use flannels in all three layers for an even softer quilt."

    I thought the baby pj's would work well because they are so soft. It's my first time, so I don't really know what I'm doing! i just liked this quilt.

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    Hhhmm, good point. If the sleepers are cotton knit would they just unravel vs. fray? Maybe cut a sample & throw it in the wash a few times to see what it turns out like.

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    I would love to start a "Stitch and *****" club!!

    My Grandmother was a fantastic quilter, and I am quit crafty.

    Could we have other crafts too??
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