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    Default Watching movies on the TV from the laptop

    My parents have this set up whereby they have a ton of movies on an external hardrive that they hook up to the laptop and then the laptop to the tv and they watch movies that way.

    I have an external hardrive, a laptop, and a new TV.....

    How do I do this?

    I can't ask my parents cause they are useless! They had a friend do it for them.


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    Default Watching Movies from Tv to laptop (PC version)


    Watching movies, shows, pictures or anything like that from a computer to the TV is actually quite painless and simple. What we are going to do, is connect the two so that the computer treats the TV as a monitor. We can also connect the sound as well, so that you can take full advantage of the TV speakers or sound system you have.

    Step 1. What connection can you use to connect the two?

    I have attached an image showing what the ends on the main three types of cable look like. The main three are VGA, DVI, and HDMI.
    - VGA - lowest level of quality, but most common connection for any PC and most flat screen TVs.
    - DVI - a higher level of quality, not as common.
    - HDMI - If you have a high definition TV, then you have one of these. This cable provides the highest quality and can also transmit audio.

    So once you have located the type of cable both your computer and your laptop/pc share, then go ahead and plug it in!

    Step 2. Settings on the computer

    Once connected, your laptop may automatically switch to the new external display or you may have to press a sequence of keys in order to switch from the laptop to the external display. Look for a key on your laptop like this [FN], hold that down and look for another key in the F# keys along the top. One will have a picture of a screen on it. Usually F5 or f8. Press it. It should open a graphic with the different screen options. You can now select TV only; by hitting the F# key while holding down the [FN] key.

    Step 3. Sound (If you connected with HDMI, skip this one)

    Connecting sound takes one more cable. This cable is easy to get, and cheap. It is a cable which ends with two stereo connections on one end, and a 3.5mm plug on the other side. The tiny end goes into your laptop's headphone jack. The stereo end goes into your TV, red and white connections that should be directly below or beside the place you plugged the computer cable in. If you cant see which one that is, I suggest to play a song on the laptop and plug the white one into connections in that area until you hear your song. Now you should have your picture and sound!

    Step 4. Use a good media player.

    Use Windows Media Center if you have Vista or Windows 7. Why? Because the setting in there are automatic. Less work for you to do, and less chance of chaos. If some videos wont play in it, use VLC.

    Step 5.

    90% of the time you will not have any problems. If you do, let me know, I would be happy to help.

    A word about cables.
    1. DVI and HDMI are digital cable. For distances up to 15 ft. It does not matter whether the cable is $10 or $100. You can get 6ft HDMI cables for $14.99 each.
    2. Sound cables. These are about $10 each. If you are not sure what you are looking for, go to any future shop or Best buy and say “I am looking for a __ft 3.5mm to RCA stereo cable.“ They will know what you are talking about.
    3. If your computer has none of these three cables, then you have an Apple Mac. And you should grab an adapter.
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