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    Default blackberry and computer

    Hi Techxpert,

    I would really like to be more organized. How do I go about setting up a microsoft outlook calendar on my computer (I think thats what its called) that I can configure with my blackberry and go back and forth? I dont use outlook for emails at home as I find it too confusing. Please help
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    Default Re: Blackberry calendar

    You can sync almost any email account and calendar to your blackberry. That is a really nice feature about them.

    If you use Hotmail or Windows Live (MSN). There is a two step process to get this going.

    If you DONT, or use Gmail, let me know. I can give you steps for that too.

    First the Requirements… you need to have the following:

    1. Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or 2007
    2. A Windows Live/Hotmail Account
    3. Blackberry sync cable. (It came with the phone so it is probably in the knot of cables that lives in everyone's desk)

    So now onto the steps.

    1. Download the Office Outlook Connector 12.1 Beta (Here is a link for Windows version Download details: Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit)
    2. Close Outlook (if open!!)
    3. Install the downloaded Office Outlook Connector 12.1 Beta
    4. Run Outlook
    5. Enter your Windows Live/Hotmail account details in the prompt loaded
    6. Your Windows Live/Hotmail account can be accessed from the Mail Folders List as one of your personal folders

    Now everything you have just done has enabled all calendars/ emails to sync from your online account to your computer. The next step is to get it to sync with your blackberry.

    1. Grab your BB sync cable and BB. (It should look like this )
    2. Put down your blackberry and grab the mouse.
    3. Go to this link (BlackBerry - Desktop Software for PC) and download the Blackberry desktop software. This will let us connect the Outlook stuff to the phone.
    4. Open the file you just downloaded. It will give you a nice option at opening if you want to sync your outlook account to it. Click Yes.
    5. Disconnect cable, you wont need it till next time.

    Ok, now you have done it. Some added bonuses is that you have linked your devices together. Change something on the calendar on any of them, and it will change it for all (Without having to plug it back in). Second added bonus is that the desktop software for blackberry will let you be able to sync your songs, pictures and so on from your computer to your blackberry and back again.

    BlackBerry - Desktop Software for PC
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